Monday, September 4, 2017


Our blog has many Houston followers as well and I wanted to post this so that anyone who finds their way here will have some options to help.  There are SO many organizations out there that are doing things, the outpouring of help truly has been amazing.  We wanted to list a variety of groups that rely primarily on donations and not necessarily government funding.  As always, anyone donating to any group do your research.



Houston Food Bank does incredible work year round in helping provide food to those in need. 2nd Man has volunteered there and has seen first hand how they operate. Wonderful group.  Now they are providing food for thousands of new people and families as well as food for the First Responders in addition to the usual families that they help with food.  


Those outside of Houston may or may not know about JJ Watt.  He's a sports hero who plays for the Houston Texans. He's also one of the most generous and giving people you can imagine.  His foundation has done SO much locally prior to the storm and now he is raising money for Harvey relief efforts. For some, giving money to a big foundation is something they wonder where the money goes.  I would say probably 99% of Houstonians trust JJ to do the right thing (the other 1% probably haven't heard of him, ha). He's already bringing trucks of food and clothing in. He started out trying to raise $500,000, it's now up to $18,000,000.  We have no doubt this money will go to good causes all along the Gulf coast, JJ will see to that. 


This is not the SPCA. This is the local Houston animal shelter that is conducting pet rescues and reunions.  For those whose owners can't be located, or maybe they are now homeless and can't keep their pets, this group is coordinating with other shelters around the country for adoption.  It's important to note they are a NO KILL shelter and only partner with the same.  


So many groups helping so many people. Here is one you don't often hear about and of course, it's near and dear to us.  They do great work with the local community who are sometimes overlooked because many religious groups won't help groups like them.


This group is indeed managed by the state but they do rely on donations from the public. They help year round with the tornadoes, wildfires, freezes, hail damage, things we usually get, but then of course hurricanes like this that damage crops and/or livestock such as cattle, horses, etc.


We have personally had interactions with this wonderful organization. They take in wild animals that are injured, orphaned, etc.  After a hurricane, they ALWAYS have an increase in wildlife found and brought in by concerned people.  Birds, squirrels, possums, turtles, raccoons, etc.  We took a baby possum there once and it was nursed back to heath and released outside of Houston in a state park.  Good people doing good work.



CAJUN NAVY FACEBOOK (read what they do)

This group is not a non profit but wow, what amazing work they do.  They are a group of people who come from Louisiana and bring their own boats of all kinds and conduct rescues in the water whenever there is a storm.  They have been to Houston for a few of our floods but wow, the work they did this time was unbelievable. They literally rescued HUNDREDS of people, all for no pay, no glory, no reward, they take time off their jobs and work.  They just do it because, as one of them said, "it's the right thing to do, we all have to help each other, we're human beings first, and nothing else matters".  

There are of course hundreds of groups and organizations, churches, non profits, government entities, foundations etc that could use help. Heck, in your own community, send help if you can, we never know when disaster will strike.  If anyone has any other suggestions, don't hesitate to list in the comments below.  


  1. I am from South Louisiana and am so proud of the Cajun navy. They don't have a lot of beauricratic red tape to go through like other groups. They have experience, group up and go. So so thankful they were able to help. Our pastors son and 2 of his friends went to Beaumont with food, water, supplies and a boat until the national guard went in. Still, with all the immediate help, recovery and stabilization is going to take a long time. Thinking of and praying for the whole area. Margie in sw Arkansas.

  2. Thank you for this info, I am here in Houston and was googling for some groups and found your site. I appreciate the links and now I'm fascinated by your blog. Thanks and yep, #houstonstrong

  3. Thanks - I knew of some of these but not all.
    Jim "Mattress Mack" Mcingvale has one that will help people clean out their damaged carpets and flooring, sheetrock, and furniture -

    Can you believe it - we're supposed to get a cool front on Wednesday! Something "cool" to lift spirits.


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