Friday, September 1, 2017


The chemical plant has had a couple of explosions with more expected but so far, they have been smaller than expected.

Today a gas supply/processing pipeline was heavily damaged in the Beaumont/Port Arthur floods and now there are gas shortages.  Lines of cars around the block and many stations just completely out of gas.  We both filled up just before the storm, today I topped off just to make sure.

Our office building is without power so we are working out of another office but good news, it should be back on today.

Still sunny and clear weather.

In many neighborhoods and areas the water has completely receded and were it not for the piles of wet sheetrock, carpet and furniture in the street in front of each house, you'd never know.

There is still an ongoing horrible slow motion flood happening on the West side of town (where I grew up) and it's unbelievable to see how widespread it is. 

School districts are now going to have a delayed opening for two weeks from when they should have started, but the largest school district, HISD, has realized the burden many parents will have.  Today they announced that they will provide every single student with three meals per day this school year.  

City coming together as we've never seen before.

Donations of clothing, food, supplies is breaking all US records for donations.

 The overall heavy mood in the city seems to be lifting, though there is still much sadness.

Glad the weekend is here.  We will venture, if possible, out to the farm to check things out.


  1. The Marines that were sent down there are from the area where I live. The Amphibious Assault vehicle basin was in the area where I used to work. When I saw the video on the news of them traveling down the street, it was a familiar scene for me, except for the city street. I've watched them train when they leave a ship off the coast and motor on to the beach. It was quite interesting to watch them in action.

    I am glad the sun is shining! I know it will be a long recovery for the entire area. The devastation is almost unimaginable! Good news about the farm too!

  2. I am glad you are posting these updates. you are more believable than the media.

    I would like to donate money, but I am not sure which agencies would not keep most of the money for themselves and donate very little to the people who need it most. can you perhaps post a list with links so we can help?

    I also read that the PA air national guard has sent a unit to help out houston.

  3. Just seeing the blue sky and no rain must be a boost. I bet it's hot without the AC. Wish you guys could work from the farm. I don't know how it's going to all work out but I donated to the Red Cross and ASPCA. Lots of stores like Whole Foods and Wal Mart match the donations.

  4. The tremendous selfless efforts of so many, many people in the midst of this terrible disaster are amazing. So many large and small acts of kindness, generosity, and humanity.

    This slow-motion continuing flooding is just heartbreaking. The next-door town to me is flooding from the Colorado River as are many other towns along rivers that are swollen with draining flood waters. My town is flooding in the lower areas and half the farmers in the area have lost their crops. One of my cousins got flooded out of her home in Katy.
    But as Gloria Gaynor sings in her Texas-version of her song, “Texas will survive!”

    Hoping your work environment improves soon - you were a real trooper for working in less than comfortable conditions before the temporary move to another office.
    Hoping that all will be fine at the Farm and that 2nd Family is okay.

  5. I have tried several times to comment, but wasn't able. However, I've been reading your posts and keeping you and you fellow residents that have been affected by Harvey in my thoughts and prayers. What a fine testament to humankind, neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger, a renewal of hope shines bright in the skies of your beloved state.
    Stay safe, and my continued prayers will be offered.

  6. I hope you find good news at the farm. Please be careful when you venture out.


  7. Thank you so much for the updates. Stay safe.

  8. My prayers continues for all those in Texas and Louisiana, and now areas in Tennessee too are flooding. Not sure how bad it is in Tennessee though.

  9. When I read about gas explosions but how they were smaller than expected, I was really pleased for you but then when I read about all the cars empty I was momentarily confused. I won't bore you nor demonstrate just how thick I can be by revealing my thoughts but at some point I made the connection between gas and petrol. Oh dear, not the sharpest tool in the shed! It is really heart warming to see the goodness in people. Imagine how the world would be if that kind of generosity and goodness happened every day spontaneously.
    Really pleased the worst seems to have passed.

  10. What a good idea that school district had to provide meals all year for students. Glad to hear some water is receding but I read that everything coated is really contaminated. Looking forward to photos from the farm.

  11. i am so glad they are providing meals for the kids. i am also glad houston is helping herself because all trump is doing is using it as a photo op!

  12. Flood devastation is something we are quite familiar with here in Brisbane, Australia.`The only upside is that it can bring a community together. I guess that these trials bring out the best (and sometimes worst) in people and in our community everyone worked together to help in the enormous cleanup that was required. Horrible, nasty smelling mud !!

  13. I am just now reading this. For some reason, I did not see it earlier. I am happy for those children who will be fed at school. I hope that the little ones at home get food, too. Hopefully, there will be weekend provisions. I know it is about more than food. It is food security, never wondering when and how the next meal will be. Some people may spend a long time without the ability to refrigerate or cook. I am not a Trump fan, but I was glad to see Pence in action.

    I hope the farm fared well.


  15. I've come to your site for updates, thanks for keeping us posted. And just to clear up an untruth from jaz@octoberfarm, our President is fully engaged in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. There are 29,000 government employees on the ground in Texas, including those from Health and Human Services, HUD, EPA, etc. President Trump has visited Texas twice and met with storm survivors, and has also been to LA. He has requested 7.9 Billion in government aid, and has pledged 1 million of his own money towards the victims of this hurricane. President Trump has also declared this Sunday to be a National Day of Prayer for the victims of Harvey. All of this does not look to be just a "photo op" to me.


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