Wednesday, September 20, 2017


One thing that we recently realized we never got for the farmhouse was a smoke detector (or two).  Very important to have in ALL homes and now that we spend the night out there more often than we used to, we definitely need them.  

So a couple weeks ago, we were watching and they had a great deal on a really powerful little smoke/fire alarm.  

First Alert ATOM smoke detectors
There was a special deal, a set of four of them for one low price with free shipping.  Couldn't pass that up!  Of course they also sell them on Amazon, you can click here First Alert ATOM Smoke Alarm to read about them.

A CO2 detector is important to have if you have a furnace or appliances that could generate that.  We are all 100% electric so no worries there.

They are tiny little things to be sure, but big things do often come in small packages.  These are photoelectric and can detect smoldering fires long before regular smoke detectors.  And of course it's by First Alert who has been making smoke detectors since about forever.  

Another thing we liked about them is the fact that they are small and unobtrusive.  With the low ceilings at the farm, it's nice to have something that kind of disappears into the ceiling. 

We're putting one in each bedroom, one near the foyer in the living room and one in the dining room off the kitchen.  It might be overkill in such a small house but hey, safety is safety and we got four in the package so...overkill it is!  Safety first!  

Good time here to do a public service and remind everyone to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and make sure they work. 


  1. Good thinking. Was wondering about that if you had any or not at the farm house
    Link on where to install your alarms;

    For anyone it's A good idea to install Carbon monoxide detectors as well. The Do's and Don'ts;

  2. Those are small. I don't think I have ever seen one so tiny. If you ever get a generator, get the CO2 protector, too.

    1. AND don't ever use any gas engine IN the house..even on the porch or right under a window... fumes can come inside too easily!!!

  3. Refugees from the last hurricane were almost killed by CO2 -- they were in a shelter in Bastrop County.. A misaligned flue to the water heater filled the place with CO2. One woman realized what was the matter,called 911,opened doors and windows and saved everyone! Get a CO2 detector,hook it up!!

  4. Smart move there! We have a generator but only run it outside of the house because of the co2 issue. But we do have smoke alarms everywhere (I think we have 8 in the house due to code changes) and co2 alarms in the basement near the water heater and furnace and near the attic for the 2nd HVAC system. I need to rethink our fire extinguishers. I only have one for the entire house. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. My house is small, but I have two smoke detectors and a heat sensor. I promise I check the batteries.


  6. From another job a hundred years or so ago .... I worked in fire equipment wholesale and learned it's best to install these on the ceiling a minimum of a foot (18" or more is better) from the wall ... and if towards a corner, from both walls ... smoke will travel up a will and "bend over" before it comes to the actual 90 degree angle of wall/ceiling .... so if installed too close to a wall, smoke will bend and flow right under it. Good luck and hope you never have to hear a one of these!!!!! Might make good gifts for other rural homes or older homes where these are not hard-wired into the home wiring. cll

  7. Good idea and a great reminder. I like the small size.


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