Wednesday, June 6, 2018


A few weeks ago, a friend of ours took the guest room mattress and box springs when we changed apartments.  We didn't charge her for it of course, but she came prepared to pay us back anyway.  

Banana trees
She gave us two banana trees from her parents house!  Here they are in the hallway waiting to be loaded into the Jeep.  

Banana tree pups
And here they are at the farm.  We've kept them in that galvanized tub now for about three weeks.  We water them until water comes out the bottom of the black containers and then it is held in the tub.

Banana tree new growth
So far, watering them just once a week like this has worked perfectly.  They've actually even grown about 6 inches, have gotten bigger around, and one is putting out a new leaf!

Bananas, image via 
Her parents have had banana trees for years and these are two that came from them.  They usually get crops of bananas just like this above.  She's brought them to the office a few times and wow are they ever good.  Smaller than the bananas you might find in the store but sweet with a great banana flavor.  They even survived the freeze this year.

We haven't figured out where to plant them yet.  We're afraid it might be too late with our temps in the 90's now but I'll do my due diligence research and figure out what is best.  

As with anything on the farm, we always try to think about ease of watering first and then to the future and where it will be located once it is large and growing and producing fruit.

Anyone out there have experience with bananas?  Other than eating them of course, ha.


  1. When I lived in Bellaire, I had a banana tree that never fruited. So, I wrapped it in paper and burlap one winter and had bunches of bananas the next summer. Unfortunately, we moved before we could harvest and I never got to taste them.

    1. Oh that's right! I think she said her parents did that. I'll have to ask her for the details. Sorry you didn't get to have any. I've had some from these plants "parents" and oh my the banana flavor is so strong and sweet. Stay tuned!

  2. Wow, what a great gift! You'll really enjoy these. They make such a lovely, tropical atmosphere and then you get the bonus of fruit.
    I had banana trees for several years. I lost them one summer when we had an extreme drought and I couldn't keep up with watering everything. So they need to have a reliable source of water. Some people recommend cutting them to the ground in late winter/early spring but I found that sometimes that would not give them enough time to grow and produce fruit. So I stopped cutting them back and just let them come back naturally in the spring and was rewarded with bananas.

    1. I didn't know you grew these at one point. Watch your email, ha. I think she said her parents stopped cutting theirs back. Thanks for the info about the watering.

  3. The banana trees we have in private gardens here are called lady fingers, you aren't allowed to have normal bananas as there is risk of disease wiping out all the big commercial plantations.
    I have a grove in my yard, they like moisture, they multiply every year with 'suckers'I was told to cut down the tree after it fruits as they only fruit once then the new little ones grow up and fruit. The wind will shred the leaves so if you want them to look nice they need wind shelter.
    If I forget to cover the 'hands' when they are nearly ripe they get attacked by the fruit bats, then you can't risk eating any as they could be contaminated as the bats carry a deadly virus.
    The trees multiply every year so be prepared for a nice big clump, you can leave the big mature trees not cut down , they won't fruit again but will look good and provide protection for the smaller trees,shade for other plants or a sitting area. The trunks are full of water and when you cut them down are veeeeery heavy.
    My old ones are as tall as the garage roof , you could look up your type to see how tall they will grow if that helps decide where they belong.

    1. You have shared some great info. Thank you for this. Bats? Wow. And I never even thought about wind. Thanks for all this.

  4. I love bananas. Let us know how yours turn out.


    1. One of our favorite fruits too. Stay tuned!!


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