Tuesday, October 9, 2018


I've taken these pictures over the last year.  I like extreme closeups because they look so unlike anything else.  Definitely something other worldly about them when seen like this.g

(remember, as with all photos on the blog, any will enlarge when you click on it)

Closeup of the flower buds on a Huisache tree...

Can't remember what plant this is but it definitely looks cool...

The center of a Passionflower...

Love this one.  So geometric and artificial looking while still being a living plant...

This one though has to be my favorite.  This is a weed (I think a thistle of some sort).  It looks like it will burst open and try to eat you at any moment.  Amazing how something in nature can look so amazing and foreboding at the same time...



  1. WOW! What lovely photos.
    Thank You for sharing such beauty on this wet, cloudy & rainy day.
    Rain; yes raining rather hard here and A lot of it. Our back yard is all under water

  2. Beautiful pics showing the wonders of nature.

  3. Beautiful photos! If that is indeed a thistle please be sure to cut it or mow it down before it turns to seed. Those things will be popping up everywhere & are so hard to get rid of once established.

  4. OK, I just HAVE to ask...what sort of camera do you use? I would definitely not be able to get shots of this quality with my iPhone 6 Plus!

  5. Really cool, out-of-this-world pictures! The detail is amazing. Isn’t nature fascinating?!

  6. Love the pics! They do look otherworldly ��

  7. I think thistles are edible. Those are all magical pictures.

  8. Amazing pics, especially of the passionflower. It has reminded me that my Dad's passion fruit plant will be flowering and forming fruit when I am up with him for Christmas - happy thought!
    Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand

  9. Lovely work! A different perspective can create all kinds of new ideas. You oughta write a book...or publish your blog as a book. In the meantime keep sharing! ♡♡


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