Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Wings Over Houston airshow cloudy and rainy
So this weekend was hit and miss.  You probably saw our post about the airshow.  Well, it was a bust. I mean we had fun seeing the planes (more on that in an upcoming post) but the airshow portion (including the Blue Angels) was cancelled because ceiling (cloud cover) was too low.  Our tickets were only for Saturday so of course, wouldn't it be our luck that Sunday...

Green grass and blue skies
...it was blue skies, dry, cool and just beautiful.

So at least I had a great day for yard work.  I didn't need to water as we had received some rain during the week, but I did mow and as you can see above, it looked nice when it was done.  Probably not much more mowing this season with our cooler weather.

Raised bed Fall garden
And, wait, what's this?

Well we did go ahead and plant a couple things for the Fall garden, yay!  We're doing one bed of Napa cabbage (we did it a couple years ago and it did great for us) and another bed I filled up with Georgia collards.  We love them and they have also done well for us in the past.

The garlic will be planted in early November (same as last year) and so that will give me some things to keep an eye on this Fall.

Pork chop and pasta
We had food at the airshow (breakfast, lunch and afternoon hot dogs and ice cream) so Saturday night was just snacking at home.  Sunday though, after a day of mowing and planting and watering, I got to have a big thick pork chop with pasta Alfredo made with mascarpone cheese.  So yummy and very satisfying way to end the weekend.  

Hope you had a great weekend! 


  1. Hey ya'll sound like ya'll been busy too. I'm trying to get back into the swing myself. Love airshows! use to go see them in Florida. Blue Angels wild! Hope the two of you are doing good.

  2. Aw, so sorry that your airshow did not have good visibility. But it sounds like you at least got some good food there.
    Your yard and garden look so good - all ready for a long winter’s nap. And now you’re going to be enjoying some fresh veggies this winter.
    Yum, your Sunday night supper looks sooo delicious!

  3. A cloudy and rainy day really puts a damper on things. We just can't stop what mother nature brings us.
    Sorry that you where unable to see the Blue Angels. Hopefully, maybe next time.

    Your yard and vegie garden look great. We have more rain in the forecast for Wed. and into Thursday morning.

    The chop and pasta dish looks delicious Son-in-law BBQed hamburgers for us on Sunday.


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