Sunday, February 10, 2019


It's been a weird weekend.  Cold, rainy, warming, cold again and foggy...

This is the view from the balcony of our apartment.  Keep in mind we are more than 20 floors up...surrounded by buildings...and we can usually see the horizon.

Last night we had a simple three ingredient meal, ha.  Went to the store and got two pork chops, a bag of cut and fresh broccoli, and a small bag of red new potatoes...

2nd Man pan roasted the chops in the cast iron skillet.  I sliced the potatoes, drizzled them in olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted them cut side down on a baking sheet in the oven.  Lastly we steamed the broccoli with butter and some lemon zest.  

Simple, easy, quick and definitely comforting!

Now I didn't buy this but I saw it in the store and thought it was brilliant branding on the part of the company that made this.  It made me laugh.

We decided to skip the farm this weekend.  It rained on and off all week.  It's cold.  There is still standing water around.  This is the time of year when we can skip a weekend because there is not much to do.  No mowing.  No edging.  Nothing happening in the garden.  Now with us leaning toward a new house out there, it's more just us planning what we might want to do, what we can reasonably afford to do ahead of time and of course what we need to do for the garden and yard this year.  


  1. = brilliant! we are expecting snow tomorrow and tuesday; hoping for a snow day!

  2. The picture from your balcony looks like you’re inside a cloud. At least it warmed up to the 60’s today. Since it was warm, I went out to the garden for a bit but the air was misty and damp from the fog so I didn’t stay long.
    Your supper looks delicious and easy - the best kind.
    The pepper jelly branding - genius and hilarious!

  3. FN Hot, that's genius!! Stay warm (and out of the fog)

  4. Yes, the fog. A real pain for us here as well. I drove home (15 miles) from a grandchild babysitting gig and hit a flooded mess across the country road I was on! Made it though but I do wish this winter would make up its mind. The simple pork chop dinner looked excellent.

  5. I'm glad to hear that was fog and not smoke coming up to your apartment.
    We started to get rain, along with very cold, windy temperatures on Fri. & Sat and had light showers off and on all day yesterday and was hazy and cloudy and got in the mid 40's. Still have 90 % chance of showers today but it's going to be warmer.

    Not much for the Hot & Spicy stuff but that sure is great labeling plus it's made right here in Texas. I have a couple of son-in-laws who absolutely love this. (did you see this at H.E.B.)

    Your pork chop dinner looks delicious. For me; only thing missing is a nice melted cheese drizzled over the broccoli( about the only way I will eat broccoli is having the cheese poured on top).
    Wishing you and 2nd Man both a great week.

    1. My thoughts on that Jelly;
      Ow. Ouch. Owwie. Ooooooh. Oooooch. Oh it hurts!
      "Hotter Than the Hinges of Hell Habanero Jelly"

      Gosh, I never even thought about making Habanero Jelly. I just may have to get a couple plants this year. Making it shouldn't really be that hard providing you have gloves on ; along with gas mask, etc. :)


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