Sunday, February 3, 2019

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY WHO YA GOT's the day of the big game.

East vs West.

We're having steak and potatoes (and maybe a glass or two of wine) and watching.  We had the game here in Houston just a couple years ago and all the parties and pregame stuff happened right by our building.  We know how much fun they must be having in Atlanta right now.

What are you all having to eat during the game?

Big party or quiet night?

In it for the game or just the commercials?

And the big question, who ya got?

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots?


Jared Goff and the LA Rams?

Fun fact, Jared Goff was 7 when Tom Brady played in his first Super Bowl.  Kind of amazing to think about.

Happy game day!


  1. We had a really fine meal of Sloppy Joe's and tater tots with a glass of wine. I know we probably should have had beer, but I like wine better. I am not certain of the Sloppy Joe and wine pairings though. We lived dangerously and just had a red table wine, but I am keeping an eye out for the wine police to come issue me a citation.
    I don't care who wins. I was hoping K.C. would be in the game so I am just hoping for some great commercials.

  2. Alas....No game here....I'll be watching my BBC comedies and dramas.

  3. We spent a very quiet evening at home rooting for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I am more into the game than watching the commercials or the half-time show.
    Even tho New England actually won the game; both teams are winners being both made it to the Super Bowl. Both teams played a good game.

  4. the game ain't on in this house; we streamed music off the computer and worked on our respective hobbies.
    and THEN we found out this morning that NE cheated again; I H8 those bastards!

  5. Boring game! Boo Patriots. What happened with Gurley? His Stub Hub commercial is way better than any shown during the game.

  6. My wife wanted me to watch the game, but I refused. When I went in to see her, she told me that it was half time, the minimal score, and the boredom of it all. Good decision on my part. Roderick


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