Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Went to Michael's on a whim back a couple months ago on the way to the farm and forgot to share this.  They had a section of "Winter Decor" on clearance for 80% (yes, 80%) off.

I bought a few.  

Metal groceries sign
This one is neat.  It's a large metal sign, probably about 3 feet long, with a really cool design as you can see in the picture below:

It's deep, and the letters are raised.  Looks very retro, like something salvaged from an old store.

It was $36 originally, making the final price $7.20!

Metal signs
Then they had these.  They are also metal signs, but these are smaller and flatter.  They are still metal though with raised embossed style letters made to look like large versions of labels you might find on cabinets or closets.

Originally $12 each, making final price $2.40!

OK, so now comes the "where do we put all of these" question?  Of course, as most of you have read, we're in the process of deciding what to do with the house.  Most likely all new.  It will definitely be fun to decorate "again" when that time comes.  

Still, we think it would be fun to figure out how these could be used.  We realize they could just be put on any wall anywhere because they are decorative and that's what they are for, but it seems like they should have a "purpose" in their placement.  

Grocery over a pantry?  Fresh Daily in a future chicken coop or where 2nd Man bakes bread?  Mercantile?  I have no idea.  Dry goods?  Pantry

Do you have suggestions? 


  1. Great signs.
    Mercantile - by your linens area; kitchen towels, place mats, table cloths, etc.
    Fresh Daily; by your produce that you bring in from the garden, etc.
    Dry Goods & Grocery could be hung together by or above your pantry
    Signs like this you can think about when it comes time in designing your new home layout.
    You will have to keep your open also for a cute Laundry sign; :)

    Many cute bathroom signs out there as well.

  2. Mercantile makes me think of Little House on the Prairie and a general store. I would probably put it in the barn over the yard tools and garden equipment.

  3. I think you just can't pass up a bargain. I really don't know where you'd use them unless you choose to decorate like you live in an old time store! LOL

  4. If I had that GROCERY sign, I would definitely hang it on my garden gate!

  5. Fresh Daily - for your future chicken coop!

  6. Super cute signs and such a great deal!


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