Monday, February 4, 2019


See yesterday's post and let us know how you were handling the big game day.

It was cold and wet this weekend at the farm.  It sprinkled a few times, but had already rained several days last week.  The ground is still very wet.

Wet ground makes for great weed pulling though.  These aren't salad greens, ha.  This "empty" raised bed has spiraled out of control just in about 3 weeks. 

But it was very easy to pull out the weeds in moist soil.  It started sprinkling right after this one was completed so I still have one more to do.

Looks like we might have Napa cabbage soon.  We have NO idea why it has taken so long this year but hey, hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Garlic bed needed some weeding too. 

Collards are almost done.  I left these like this and we'll see if next weekend might be the last harvest for the season.  I might just harvest and pull up at the same time.  

And look at this!  We have peaches.  All those blossoms on that tree that we had given up on turned to fruit.  I plucked off quite a few but I left some just to see what happens.  The other trees haven't blossomed yet.

Speaking of blossoming and setting fruit, I need to get to figuring out a way to keep them safe this season from deer and birds.  I'm thinking four tall posts on each bed (one on each corner) and then netting all the way around.    

I had hoped to mow, always like to do a winter mowing (you can see here how it needs it) but it's just been too wet.  Every weekend there is standing water and it's not been warm enough to evaporate in between sprinkles or rain every few days.

We hope you had a great weekend!


  1. It sure was a gray, drippy weekend.
    Your garlic and Napa cabbage is growing so beautifully! And of course, weeds always grow - at least the wet weather is good for weed pulling.
    Wow, baby peaches already!

  2. Your garden boxes look good. The peaches are crazy early aren't they? I am waiting on a dry day to prune our fruit trees.

  3. only thing that is blooming around here is the 'Swine’s Snout; aka dandelions.
    It's always the weeds that come up fast and bloom first.
    Our yard is full of thistles right now (more so than last year)so have been busying digging them up but seems like a never ending job.
    How exciting to see peaches growing already. Hopefully you won't get a hard freeze and freezing them off.
    Had a beautiful weekend along with yesterday & today but then come Thursday; another cold front moves in. Hope to get my loft railing done before that cold temperatures move in. By Wed. we should have railing done on one side anyway. :) Will make it much easier for me to get up and down from the loft.

    Have a great day and wonderful evening


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