Sunday, May 26, 2019


 Not loose in the sense that they have low morals, LOL!  This was loose in the sense that they got out from the neighbor's property!  I called "R" from 2nd Family and he knew the owners.  While we waited we checked and there was a section of fence down. 

There had been two in the yard at one point but one quickly went back.  This one though decided to make herself comfortable.  I saw her after I had started mowing.  Startled me at first, you can see where I stopped mowing.  When I walked towards her she was a bit wary but she did lead me toward the section of down fence.  She didn't want to go back through, with me anyway.

So she wandered back toward "Barnabas" (our old mesquite tree) and made herself comfortable in the shade.  "R" saw her and said "congratulations it's a girl!"  Um, no, we're good, we don't need a cow.  Another friend of ours saw this picture and said she looked very content under the tree.  No we don't need a cow.

She was kind of bony and the owner said he had an old cow that he was missing.  He was afraid she had wandered off and died somewhere on his property.  Great.  Don't die on our property.  Please.

Since we couldn't get her in, we had to temporarily patch up the fence to keep an entire herd, now curious about all the excitement, from coming over.  The neighbor has more than 20 head of cattle.  That could have wreaked havoc with our yard and garden and fruit trees, etc.  What was supposed to just be a quick trip out for mowing and then back into town for a Sabercats rugby game became an episode of Bonanza.  Or Dallas.  

Without the mansion of course. 

And the oil.

On the downside, we missed a home game in the new stadium.  On the upside, our team won!

In the end, the neighbor came over with his ATV, got a rope around her and walked her back to their property.  She followed him right back over the downed fence that she wouldn't with us.  Go figure.  

It looked like one of the fence posts had been damaged by one of his tractors.  Probably as one of the cows was leaning through the fence to graze on our grass, it partially collapsed, taking a small part of the fence section with it.  I guess the grass really did look greener on our side and she came on over. 

The neighbor was going to spend today walking the whole fence line to make sure all is good. 

That was an adventure we weren't expecting.

Thank you to all who served and continue to serve.  

Hope everyone is having a relaxing, long weekend!


  1. Looks very content indeed. A person just never knows then the unexpected may arise. Grass is always greenery and better on the other side of the fence.
    Thank goodness no damage was done to your yard; garden, fruit trees, etc. Don't even see any cow chip patties in the yard .
    That cow was in no MOOOOD to move out of it's shading spot for anyone.
    Sorry that you had missed the game but congratulations o n their win.
    When you got done out at the farm, you can come home to relax and watch the nascar races this evening.

    1. Oh there were some patties around. "R" told me to put them in the sun and let them dry and we'd have good fertilizer. "No moooood". ha!!!!

      We did watch NASCAR (loooong race). Went back to farm yesterday, staying in town today.

  2. Good fences make good neighbors!

  3. Replies
    1. Ha!!! I did the thing we all do when we see cows. I mooed. She just looked at me.

  4. The cow looks like a Jersey cross,and those always,always look bony. She actually looks well fed,for a Jersey.. Now,if an Angus or a Hereford looked like that,then they would be underfed.

    1. A friend of ours mentioned a shorthorn cross. Must be a thing. I'll have to look it up.

  5. She looks so content and peaceful under your tree.

    1. She did look content. It was nice, for a bit, to haver her laying there.

  6. Low morals could lead to a plethora of slutty cows. I hope you never have to deal with that.


    1. OMG you just made us laugh out loud. Slutty cows! BWAHAHAHAHA!


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