Wednesday, May 15, 2019


This is one of our favorite dishes (who are we kidding, we like everything, ha).  

Red beans and rice with sausage.

I don't have step by step photos but it's really pretty easy to make.

He starts by slicing one pound of andouille sausage (you can use any kind of sausage, andouille is just traditional in these parts, it's a spicy cajun style sausage).  The sausage is already cooked but he browns the slices in the pan he uses for all the ingredients.  Once browned, he turns the heat down to low and starts adding to the sausage in the pan.  He adds seasonings (whatever you like, we use garlic powder, cayenne for a bit of heat, onion powderetc).  Then he adds 2 TBSP tomato paste and let it brown a bit.  Next a can of fire roasted tomatoes with the juices to deglaze the pan and a can of red beans with the liquid.  2 bay leaves are added along with chopped fresh jalapeƱo.

Cover and let simmer over medium to medium low while you make the rice, stirring occasionally.

2nd Man always makes 2 cups of rice for us so that we have some leftover for other uses.  Standard preparation of rice, water, etc and covered for 15 to 20 minutes until done. 

When the rice is done, it should be just enough time for the red beans and sausage mixture to be nice and thickened as above.

Dish it up and serve!

2nd Man likes his with a little rice in the bottom, beans on top of that and then some more rice on top of the beans.  Garnish with chopped green onions.

I like the rice on one side and the red beans on the other side, then I can mix them I can be contrary, ha!  Garnish with chopped green onions. 



  1. If only I could digest beans! stomach is so sensitive, that looks so good though. I think I can handle beans once or twice a year in small doses. It's cute how you each prefer your own presentation! We're like that too! MY way always seems to taste better lol! ;)

  2. i sure love red beans and rice! i just made more soup beans yesterday. i think i might be addicted to them!

  3. I love red beans and rice also! Y’all’s two plates look so good, I wish I could dig a fork into them! Funny how you each have your own special way to combine them!
    Another way I like that combination - One of our local Mexican restaurants makes a delicious bean soup. I like to combine that with their Spanish rice. Mmm!

  4. Looks delicious and easy to make.
    Most recipes say drain and rinse canned beans because it is the canning liquid that causes major wind problems.☺☺☺

  5. Looks outstanding! 2nd Man, you need to start making video's of your cooking. :-)
    There's a book in your future!

  6. Great look'n dish 2nd man. Hey, 2nd Man; do you do any catering? :)
    Pass around the forks so that we all can dig in. :) Looks delicious.
    I bet this would also be delicious with egg noodles.


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