Saturday, May 4, 2019


Today is the semi-official world Star Wars day because, well...

Get it?

Regular readers will know that we are nerds when it comes to Star Wars.  And of course Star Trek.  And Marvel movies.  And Sci-Fi in general.  And well, anything like that.  It's a fun escape for a few hours.

We had some MAJOR storms yesterday. Funnel clouds, a tornado or two, flooding downpours, hail, wind..and this was during the day.  When I got in my car at work, this warning was on my screen.  Yikes!  I didn't know it would do that!

This was overnight.  My phone was blowing up with weather alerts and I woke up to check.  The red pushpin is the farm location.  Most of the worst stuff last night stayed to the South but "J" from 2nd Family said we've had about 3" of rain between yesterday's deluge and overnight rains.

I'm at the farm to check things out but we're supposed to have some more storms later (though right now it's clear).  Obviously I can't mow or edge, too wet with standing water, but just want to check the trees, the house, etc.  

Of course, we will have to watch some Star Wars later...and it is a sad day in the Star Wars fan world as we remember Peter Mayhew, the gentle giant as he was often called, who played "Chewbacca" in the movies.  I had the starstruck pleasure of meeting him once, at a Star Wars convention when I was about 14 years old.  He was truly one of the nicest celebrities you could meet.

RIP Peter, may the Force be with you always!


  1. We received yet another 1 &1/2 inches of rain during the night so from Tuesday through early this morning we had received a little over 7 inches. Bad news is, more storms and rain come next week as well;,Texas,United-States/we-city?iso=US&day=3&el=oQuzeNCv3Gn%2BujDhEfeOeQ%3D%3D&ocid=spartanntp

    Our yard is water logged now and have standing water in some areas but sun is shining for today and more sun in forecast for tomorrow.
    Rain, rain go away; for awhile anyway.

  2. all of the rain missed us again. i have never seen star wars or star trek or any of that stuff. maybe i'm the only one!

  3. I don't know if I should say that today was beautiful, the weather gremlins may read this and send snow or something crazy like that.

    I'm a little puzzled why there has been no mention today about May the forth, especially with the loss of Peter Mayhew. I still like the original three the best and I watch them at least once a year on my VCR.

  4. The storms during the day yesterday missed us – there were storms to the north and storms to the south and we were in the dry middle. But we sure had storms last night. I stayed up until it all passed.

    I love Star Wars too! So sad about the actor who played Chewbacca. What an honor for you to have met him.
    May the Fourth be with you!

  5. Chewie has been one of the anchors of the Star Wars movies. I suppose they can replace the actor, but somehow it will never seem the same.

    You're really had it weather-wise. Stay safe!


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