Friday, May 10, 2019


A couple of weeks ago we had a similar 'watch/warning' with the witches from Oz.  2nd Man saw this one the other day and thought it was perfect.  I like the way he thinks. 

Speaking of watches and warnings, we've been hit with some heavy rains.  The worst of it has missed us at both downtown apartment and the farm (so far) but areas all over town have had massive flooding.  Last night, one area of Houston had a massive 6" of rain in about an hour.

As I type this, it's just overcast but they say even worse weather is coming tomorrow.  Not sure how this weekend will play out at the farm, I'm sure we'll have lots of watches and warnings.  Hmm, maybe 2nd Man should make cupcakes, ha!

We'll see!  Will reply to comments this weekend!  Sorry for delay!


  1. (holds out her plate for a cuppycake)

  2. We're under a rainfall watch here, with the snow still around, it's making for overflowing rivers, but we're safely up one side of the mountain thankfully! I like the idea of cupcakes!!! :)

  3. I’ll gladly take the cupcake watch/warning over the storm watch/warning! Whole lot more pleasant!
    The stormy weather last night/early morning was pretty bad. Lots of lightning, wind, and rain. I got 4 inches last night. Time for cupcakes!

  4. Now this IS my kind of warning system. :)
    Hear on our local news all the rain you have been getting down your way. So much rain at one time that they mentioned it was even coming through the stadium dome even with the dome being closed. A lot of rain all at one time.

  5. We have flood warnings out this weekend. I really wanted to get out and do some planting, but I think the better plan is going to be to work inside!

  6. Flooding in Houston.

  7. I'm part of a cupcake chasers team, we are heading your way right now! :)

    Friday I was caught in a heavy downpour like I never saw before, people were pulling over because you couldn't see a thing it was raining so hard.


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