Monday, July 1, 2019


This was another typical Summer weekend.  It was hot and then pop up thunderstorms appeared.  When we got to the farm it was hot.  About 90 degrees.  Then I got an alert on my phone that said "weather heads up, thunderstorms moving into the area".

I figured I better start mowing.

I stopped to take a picture when I was almost done.  This is the area behind the barn and shed.  That tree is the random pear tree I planted a few years back.  It was about 2 feet tall at the time. I figured it would die since the other one near it did so I stopped watering it.  Now it looks like this (and even has some fruit on it).  Anyway, you can see the height of the grass.  It was taller in other areas.  It's almost three weeks since the last mow.

Plus it was wet.  We had a late Friday rainstorm.

This was the longest mow of the season and the longest mow I've done since I've been recording my times on the app.  This was just over two hours.  Normal time is about 1 hr 20 min.

While I was mowing down toward 2nd Family's driveway I suddenly had some visitors.  Look closely in the picture above...

A few of their chickens came running over to where I was mowing.  They loved the grass I was throwing out and of course I'm sure I was stirring up all sorts of bugs and things to eat.  At one point about six of them were running around, following me. 

Remember I asked about honeysuckle?  I had grand plans...bought some cheesecloth for straining, made sure my jars were ready...

...and here is the same hedge that was covered in honeysuckle flowers just a week ago.  Almost completely gone.  A few hardy ones left but no even remotely close to 6 cups worth.

Mental note, next year PLAN AHEAD.


This was the sky when we got ready to leave.  Sure enough, a heavy rain quickly followed this.  2nd Family said we had quite a few lightning strikes nearby, some wind and probably an inch of rain.

Sunday was a day of rest.  It's just so unbearably hot and humid.  Those in cooler parts of the world just don't understand how draining it is.  You walk outside and almost instantly start sweating.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. we've had two cool days but tomorrow the dreaded heat and humidity returns. i swear my kitchen is 150 degrees when i am cooking.i need fall in the worst way!

  2. Too bad they didn't leave you some free eggs lol. I always had it in my head that you guys were pretty much in a dry area.

  3. Smart chickens! 🐓They know to associate lawn mowing with lots of tasty bugs.
    Too bad about your honeysuckle. There’s always next year.
    That was a big mowing job! Glad you got it done before the rain. Looks like more rain this week with the tropical wave in the Gulf.

  4. When you need to chill out from the heat just watch "The Day After Tomorrow " this is my go to movie full of ice and snow when I need a break from Aussie Summer.

  5. You can have honeysuckle blooms all year long by having summer and a winter honeysuckle plants.
    Spotted them chickens right off the bat but just don't see any eggs laying around.
    'Chickens; the pet that poops breakfast.'

  6. those chickens look like some of picky pecker's relatives (a person who comments on JMG).

  7. My chickens loved newly mowed grass. If I had someone put the grass from the bagger in their pen, they went crazy. I told the woman who mowed to put it in the pen. She worried about leveling it for them. Later, she remarked that they leveled the huge lumps she dumped for them. I like chicken pictures.

  8. Wow that's a LONG mowing session! Imagine if you had a regular mower or gawd forbid a push mower...eeegad! lol...the chickens are cute!


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