Wednesday, November 20, 2019


I finally got a fig tree for the yard.  We have one I've blogged about and we loved the few figs we got but it wasn't planted correctly and is in the shade so it hasn't really grown.

So the other day, I found a really nice size one at the garden center.  It was normally $35 but marked down to $10, good deal.  I carefully loaded it into the car and headed to the farm.

But on the way...

I had to stop suddenly and it flipped forward and the taller branch hit the top and snapped off.  The tree is still good, albeit a bit shorter than it was...

When life hands you lemons, make a lemon tree.  At least something like that in this case, ha.  Here is the branch.  I snipped off the branches, sliced the bottom diagonally and put it into a small vase with water.

This is about a week later and it's already rooting and the green is still green and actually starting to grow.  I have heard that it was easy to root a fig tree cutting and, so far anyway, it's doing what it's supposed to do.

Anyone ever root a fig tree and get a viable tree in the long run?


  1. How cool ... please give us periodic updates ... I'd like to try this in our yard... when it's pruning time for a neighbor with figs I'd not hesitate to ask for a cutting or two ... (precautionarily as we both have black thumbs and 2 might yield 1!) Do you have any particulars on when it is good to prune and thus start? Thanks in advance ... and by the way ... enjoy your column a lot!!! Hope you have a great thanksgiving. c

  2. Smart thinking! Yes, you can root a fig cutting. My local nurseryman's grandma had a Brown Turkey fig tree. He took cuttings from her tree and grew trees to sell at his nursery. He has several mature fig trees from these cuttings from which he takes cuttings each year to root more trees. So all the Brown Turkey fig trees at his nursery have his grandma's tree as their progenitor.
    Now you'll have 2 trees from the one!

  3. Awesome; not that the branch broke but that new trees are easy to start from cuttings.
    Just think how many more fig trees you can have in the future if your cuttings do well.
    Best of luck and please, do keep us updated on your cutting.

  4. Different ways in starting root cuttings

  5. Now, I wish I had thought of this years ago.

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