Monday, November 25, 2019


When I was out in the yard at the farm, working with the fruit tree beds behind the house, these cows were grazing behind the fence.

I had my music going and they actually seemed to graze closer when the music was playing.  I think I seem to recall reading an article once about cows liking music.  I should test that out next Spring with various types of music, ha!

At the other corner of the back yard, a different neighbor's property, I heard this little guy.  I walked over to the fence line and tried everything I could to get him to come closer...

...I wanted to give him some rubs but he stayed wary of me and only came a few feet closer.  Oh well.  He sure was cute!

Here in the US it's Thanksgiving week so posts will be short.  I do have some of those fun "regrettable holiday foods from the past" to post (first one at the bottom of this post).

It's a short work week: a holiday on Thursday, a day off on Friday, a friend's wedding on Saturday, the farm on Sunday and back to work Monday.  It'll all be a blur by the time it's done.

Hope you have a great week...and think about this for your Thanksgiving feast:



  1. Raised on a farm; cows to like music.
    Has for that cute little donkey; bring some carrots with you next time and he just may become your friend and will look forward to see you whenever you go to the farm; just bring him a carrot tho.

  2. Orange Mallow Yam Yums? UGH! I wouldn't try them if they were free! I never did understand mixing vegetables and candy. SHUDDER!

  3. Ick to the yam yums lol! Oh the cows are very cute, I love all critters!!!

  4. Unless a marshmallow is melting chocolate on a smore I think they are a crime against humanity

  5. marshmallows DO NOT belong with sweet potatoes! EVER!

  6. Sweet 4-legged neighbors! I love farm animals. Bring a few sugar cubes for the donkey next time. My horses always loved them.

    1. Ours love the cubes too. One HUGE helper for us with any field critters is a bucket with something rattling in it. Sounds like a feed bucket and ALL of our horses, cows, goats, llamas would always come running. LOL!

  7. I love yams but not when it's only me that will eat them.

  8. Love yams with melted and slightly browned marshmallows on them. But I would not put anyone down for hating that. To each his own, I say

  9. I love savory yams, with butter/salt/pepper. NO to sweet yams of any sort!


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