Friday, November 20, 2020


Due to a technical glitch yesterday, we were unable to post this and couldn't reply to comments or check email.  Things are working today so hopefully it'll stay. 

On Thursdays Friday this week, we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm. Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and someday, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

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Another picture (we like these) with an old farm style implement in a flower bed as a focal point.  This is a nice flower bed just on its own as it is simple in design but what really stands out is the rust covered farm machine.  Such a neat item to put as a centerpiece.

We always see these and think how nice they would be but then wonder if even in this condition would something like that be expensive?  I mean it seems like it wouldn't be valuable as an antique if it's in this condition.  Also, if you put something rusted like this outside in the elements and weather, what keeps it from just rusting away and falling apart?

Be inspired!


  1. Them antique hay rakes aren't cheap by any means (up to $750.00 or more, depending on condition) but it sure does look cool in the flower bed.
    Looks like there are a few other old farm items in the photo.

    Wax annually. Applying a good quality automotive wax or protectant to major surfaces will provide additional protection. I'm sure there are other products that a person could use to protect things like this from rusting any more than what it already is.

  2. I think inheriting one is the easiest, cheapest way to go. Try that. Oh, no one to inherit one from, then I don't know.

    It is picturesque.

  3. A very pretty flowerbed with a great centerpiece!
    To stop the rust, spray with Rust-Oleum spray paint. I have used this for outside items and it works very well.

    As for finding an old farm implement, you could try junk yards or metal recycling places in rural areas. Let them know you are on the lookout for one. Periodically, farmers clean up around their places and haul old things away and sell for junk metal. Also, you might find one at an estate sale in rural areas.

  4. Depends on where and when you buy it. We have a great local auction place that gets farm implements and tons of other goodies. Once a year they hold the "antique auction" which, of course, raises up the prices of all this kind of stuff. It attracts all kinds of Auction House people from all over (met a couple from London one year - fyi we are in rural Colorado). Now, if you visit the same place almost any other time of year, you can get these things for a steal. Their auction date is always the last Wednesday and Saturday of every month except December (earlier due to Christmas/new year) and August (the Auctioneer/owner works with the 4-H kids fair sales and judging so he gives his people a month off to be with their famlies). See if you have any auctions near you.

  5. Look for someone who has one covered with weeds and ask if you can take it off their hands. You've had so many ideas for beds it will be nice to see what you finally settle on in the years ahead.

  6. Yep...Auctions ! We find the best old implements at auctions, and usually much cheaper than at stores, or yard sales. Good luck, and if you get something, just wipe it down once a year with an oil soaked rag.

  7. Farm auctions are the bomb! We haven't been to any this year despite them tending to be outside. But any auction completely varies by attendees.

    There are several preparations you can paint onto rusty metal which will halt the rusting process and barely change the color. Of course I'm having a brain fart about names. I'll come back tomorrow to report the names.

  8. Susan from ManitobaNovember 22, 2020 at 5:47 PM

    As a child on the farm, I spent some very warm days in the seat of a rake just like that. It sure brings back memories.

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