Wednesday, November 18, 2020


At work recently, the conversation turned to the pandemic and how things are going.  While Houston successfully reversed the trend lines over the Summer, things seem to be heading in the other direction again.  I try to be observant and notice things going on in stores and kind of extrapolate what else is going on, perhaps what is coming, people planning, etc.

Back in January (boy that seems like a lifetime ago) I read some stories about a pandemic in China that was spreading.  Over the first couple of weeks in February I noticed things getting low in stores.

I told 2nd Man and we started stocking up.  Thankfully we got most everything (I didn't anticipate the toilet paper shortage).  I had a post about it here in case you missed it:

Flash forward to the other day when I put on my mask, and face shield and made a trip to a local grocery store.

Toilet paper gone...paper towels almost gone...

Hand soap mostly gone...

Even frozen veggies are running out...

Then yesterday afternoon, cell phones in Houston got this push alert:

Yikes!  After weeks of things going the right direction, we are suddenly heading the wrong direction.
Cases up 250%.

Then news organizations got a leaked report from the COVID task force and this was a quote from it:

"There is now aggressive, unrelenting, expanding broad community spread across the country, reaching most counties, without evidence of improvement but rather, further deterioration."

On the positive side, it looks like vaccines are coming but still a few months away.  In the meantime, things are going in the wrong direction again and I think we may be headed toward another lockdown/stay at home order so I'm stocking us up again.  We learned what we needed, what we didn't use as much of and I'll make sure we're well supplied.  

Oh and we already have a good supply of Clorox wipes, gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, soap and of course, the ever elusive...toilet paper.  


  1. I have noticed that the other day that many of the shelves where getting empty.
    I do look in a few short months that Everything will be shut down; more businesses closing and more & more people will be without jobs. Hopefully it won't come to that but I do think that will happen.

  2. same here. i ordered twice the amount of what i usually get monthly during the months it was available so i'm in pretty good shape for now.

  3. take care, the 3 of you. this second wave seems more deadly than the first.

  4. I have been stocking up, not a lot, but enough to make sure we have what we need of things we use.

  5. Yes the stock up is on! But just things we use and no clearing the shelves at the store. One item for now and one for later!

  6. The stores really do need to put a limit on items. Yesterday seen a lady with 2 full cart loads of toilet paper & paper towels.
    We have to use Septic Safe TB. Sam's was out of our usual brand we buy so headed to WalMart; well they did have some but not our normal brand, but on the package it did say Septic Safe so we bought just a couple of packages.

    Hubby wanted to get some paper towels for his shop. Left the paper towels go cause like I told him; using cut up old T-shirts, old-worn out kitchen towels, etc. as rags is much cheaper, plus they are washable to be used over & over again.

  7. Sad to say, this pandemic has been poorly handled from the top down. However, the biggest problem is people who continue to place their own personal want & needs, rights & freedoms over the public good. People who don't seem to understand actual science, or who are determined to ignore it, that continue to fuel the appalling situation in the United States.


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