Monday, November 23, 2020


During Thanksgiving week we always try to post some funny and forgettable food horrors that someone thought might be good a long time ago.

For example, here is a turkey fruit salad.  You make a cranberry jello "bowl" and then fill it with a mixture of chopped turkey, grapes, pineapple, apples and mayonnaise.  Sound yummy?  Or not?

Short work week this week.  We're both off Thursday and Friday.  2nd Man gets to work from home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

I picked up a couple of turkeys.  Regular readers know we usually try to cook an extra turkey to freeze the meat for use later in the year.  Usually I go after Thanksgiving and find some turkeys on sale but because of the pandemic I don't want to be visiting several grocery stores trying to find some deals.

I found two turkeys for a reasonable price and we'll cook one on Thanksgiving and then the other one over the course of the long weekend.  We wanted one bigger one but this seemed like it might be easier.  They are both about 11.5 lbs each so we can fit them in the fridge at the same time.  It's tight but we got them in.  When we used to have a bigger fridge we didn't have to worry about that but this apartment has a smaller side by side fridge so we have to plan ahead, ha. 

More tomorrow including another crazy food suggestion.  Hope you had a good weekend.


  1. Well ... the turkey salad would probably be OK ... but the Jell-O bowl ... I don't think so! LOL
    I'm roasting turkey thighs for Thanksgiving ... it's just me, and I'm doing 4 thighs ... so I'll have good leftovers!

  2. When I make chicken salad for sandwiches I do had some fruit and finely chopped nuts so using turkey meat wouldn't be any different than using chicken but putting the mixture in a jello mold; Me don't think so.

    Jello mold is fine as a side dish with fruit mixed in

  3. ew ew ew to the recipe!

    I have lasagna for me on thursday, spouse has a small turkey; I don't like turkey. just have to pick up some local made wine tomorrow and the dinner is complete.

  4. So, the salad is in a bowl of cranberry jello? That seems okay, but how about mixing dried cranberries into the salad and putting it all on a bed of greens? I like this kind of salad with meat and fruit.

  5. The fruits in the turkey salad are basically the same things you might dress up a chicken salad with – so I’m okay with that. I think the jello is just to make a more dramatic presentation but I think I would eat them separately.

  6. some of those old recipes are so weird. i'm making dinner for 6 families and will drop it off on people's porches.

  7. Jello is one of the most horrible things I have ever eaten. Make it into a bowl and fill it with anything just multiplies the horrors

  8. Blekhhhhhhhhhhhhh that doesnt look or sound good at all!

  9. jello is only good as a test to see if you are recovering enough to keep food down. That turkey salad doesn't sound bad, but I'd probably substitute dried cranberries for the pineapple.

  10. I'm with the "turkey and apple salad don't sound so bad" crowd. Its not that far off from any summer chicken salad. However the things they used to plop into gelatin back in the war eras are simply alarming.


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