Sunday, November 1, 2020


It was (and is today) a beautiful weekend.  It's cool, clear and breezy.  Since 2nd Man was staying in town to work, I decided it was a good day to go out and finish the mowing for the season.

It was pretty normal in distance and time.

Clear skies and cool temps.  The growing has started to slow.  You can see the Vitex (Texas lilac) in the corner, the blooms are gone and leaves are starting to drop off.

I thought this would be fun to show.  I went back to the app and it shows the total for the year.

This year:

I have spent a little over a day on the mower...
I've driven almost all the way to San Antonio...
I've mowed about 45 football fields.

Phew, now I feel tired, LOL!

I missed posting for Halloween and National Cat Day...

Here is a picture of Hobart for both.  Happy Cat Day and (not) scary black cat for Happy Halloween!


  1. I think we will have one more mowing to do yet and also have to get a couple of small trees in the ground yet. Your farm grounds looks great.
    At least you where on the mower doing them footballs fields and not running that distance. :)art; you little cutie.
    2nd man; hoping all is going well with your new job.
    Both take care.
    One more thing; Way to go Chase Elliot for winning today's race.
    Hello Hob

  2. Last mow of the year before your lawn’s long winter nap. It’s looking good.
    Aww, sweet Hobart – Happy Cat Day!

  3. It is quite fascinating the tallies your machine can generate. Love it.

  4. LOL! I got that app for my John Deere lawn tractor LAST year and can't for the life of me remember to use it every time! Or even the whole of one time! I forget to start at the beginning and sometimes I forget to stop it at the end! Argggh!

  5. As a former companion to a deeply loved big black cat, I find Hobart entrancing.

    1. Aww, thanks for that. I love big black cats, they have their own energy don't they? Hobart give you purrs!!! :-)

  6. Is that app applicable to JD mowers only, or would it work with other types? (I did a search on my phone for a mowing app and gave up after seeing how many JD apps there are) We had a 2001 model JD mower similar to yours, but We reached that tipping point for spending money on repairs. Despite $$$ dealer maintenance yearly we were going through $100 in belts alone, and the steering was getting ridiculously tough. We switched to a Toro 0-turn mower earlier this year and I will NEVER go back! OMGosh what FUN this thing is! I'm mowing about 1/3 more of our farm than I used to and doing what used to take me approx 6hrs over a few days in about 2hrs. I'm having to invent more jobs to keep me outside. LOL

    1. Oh it would absolutely work with any mower. What it does is tied to your bluetooth on your phone. So you have to carry your phone with you on your mower. Mine is always in my shirt pocket. You just turn on the app on your phone and click on "mow now" and it starts keeping track of your path. You can pause it if you stop or take a break and then when you're done you click on "finish mowing" and it saves it for you. Then you can go back and look at any time in the season. Another cool thing is does that I don't put on here is it shows a satellite image of your property (via Google maps) and overlays a copy of the mowing paths in animation. pretty cool. The only reason it's a John Deere thing is you can type in which JD you have and it will tell you when it's time for do maintenance things. But otherwise you can have fun with it. it's called "MowerPlus" in the Apple App Store.


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