Friday, June 10, 2011


 Well it's done!  The piers are all redone, the house is level and we're ready to move on to phase two.
It cost a bit more than we anticipated but we're glad it was done.  The foundation is really the most important part of your home, it can affect other things more seriously later on.
This is an example of what they did.

Piers before

Above is the exterior of the mudroom portion of the house before.  Notice the big space between those two piers?  That is about 10 feet between those piers.
The best solution (and up to code) is 4-6 feet apart.

Piers after
Here it is after the extra one was added.  It literally raised the floor of the mudroom an inch, no more sag in the middle.
Here are some more random pics, showing that everything is straight and level, and if you notice under the house, all the piers now line up in a row.  As he told us, if you see one pier on any side, they should all line up in a row all the way to the other side of the house.
They didn't do that before, but they do now.  So we now have good support for the house.  The gaps that were around the windows and cracks in the wall have closed up, and just need to be filled in, sanded and painted over.  As I said, that will be phase two.
We have someone coming out next week to look at that, so we have progress happening at last!

We'll be headed out tomorrow so 2nd Man can see the foundation work, and then we want to take some measurements, do some other little things around there, and then visit with our family out there that lives at the other end of the driveway.
It should be a fun day (and I'll have new pictures to post!).



  1. LOL - It ALWAYS costs more than expected. Get used to it!!! :)

  2. Had to do the foundation of our city house. Sucks to spend so much money on something you can't really see! Just a necessary evil....we are currently facing an expensive new roof for our country home...but at least we will be able to see that!

  3. @anon: OMG, a person who is just like me. I don't like spending money on infrastructure stuff, I know it HAS to be done, but you write out that check and then look around and go, "well it doesn't LOOK different", ha.

    The painting, while expensive, will be something I can walk in and go "wow, this looks amazing", and I'll get some instant satisfaction, lol.

    We're lucky that the roof is in pretty good shape so we can keep that going for a few years, hopefully.

    Thanks for visiting! :-)


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