Friday, June 17, 2011


How cool are all these chicken coops?

Red Coop 1
This one above looks like a smaller version of the barn I posted the other day, and then the one below is a homemade project that someone did a great job on.

Red Coop 2
What brought this up is the other night, when I was looking at the red barn, I mentioned the chicken coop that was next to it to 2nd Man and he said "well look them up online".
So I did some research and found all sorts of cool designs for 
chicken coops that look like they were inspired by the classic, large, red barns.

Red Coop 3
Some of these are pre-built by different manufacturers and some are 
really neat, homemade jobs.  They look so cool and would be neat on our 
property, somewhere near the barn.

Red Coop 4
The one above is all enclosed, kind of a nice touch to keep the chickens all in one spot.

Red Coop 5
I like this one with the enclosed side yard.  I think some combination of this with our barn, at a future date of course, would be a nice touch.

Red Coop 6
This is so pretty, in the wide open space, but I'm afraid that the Hawks that circle the property on occasion, might like the "all you can pick up buffet" this might provide,
but it's still beautiful with the green grass and blue sky.  

As I said, we can't have chickens right away, but we do want them at some point, especially as we become more self sufficient.  Not for meat, I couldn't bring myself to do that, but eggs, absolutely, we'll definitely have chickens that can provide us with all the eggs we will ever need.

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