Friday, June 24, 2011


I stumbled across these the other day quite by accident but oh my gosh, we SO want one of them for the mudroom/pantry at the farm!
Since we want to use the Gorm shelving from Ikea for the design in that room, this will look like it's a part of that, as it seems to be made of the same style and color wood as the Gorm shelves.
3 Drawer Orchard Rack

6 Drawer Orchard Rack

9 Drawer Orchard Rack
They come in three different sizes, as shown above.  They are all the same width and depth, about 24" square, and they come in heights of
24", 39" and 55".

Not very long ago, people stored their crops like potatoes, onions, squash, apples, etc on racks like this one. The open design of this makes sure there is good air circulation and the cool thing is they slide out for easy access.  The website suggests putting it in a cool, dark place (best for your veggies), and as our mudroom/pantry does not have windows, it's the perfect spot.

These are exclusive to Gardener's Supply Company 
(a great catalog by the way).  Items such as this, I like to keep on my radar, just in case they sell out, or quit making them.  As for size, I think we are leaning toward the biggest one, after all, we hope to have a large garden and will be producing a lot of veggies for cooking, canning, and giving away.

UPDATE 09/2011: I recently received the 9 drawer orchard rack and I plan to put it together soon.  We just left it in the box to make it easier to carry out there.  As soon as I get it assembled, I'll take lots of pics and give a review as we use it.  Can't wait to put it in its new home.

UPDATE 11/2011: You can CLICK HERE to see the final product, built and in it's place in the mudroom.

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