Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Antique Regulator Clock
This clock has special meaning to hung on the wall at my Grandparent's house for years.  After they passed, my parents got it, and after I lost them, it came to me.  It's been on the wall at the house in town for a few years, and this past weekend, we found the perfect spot for it at the farm.  It's on this wall in the living room where you can also see it from the kitchen.  As it chimes, you can hear it in both bedrooms, which is nice.  It's not a loud chime, it's very soft and soothing.  I never was sure where my Grandparents got it, so I don't know anything about its history.

The only thing I do know is that they had it for as long as I can remember, hanging in the same spot, on the same wall, for decades.

I remember sometimes sleeping on a "roll away bed" that had a dip in the middle and my Grandmother telling me to "check for spiders & scorpions" when I opened it up (apparently a problem in SW Oklahoma?).

I remember them letting me sleep in, but then while I was sleeping, they started breakfast and I would wake up to the smell of bacon cooking and let me tell you, that's better than ANY alarm clock.

I remember cold mornings under a pile of handmade quilts.

I remember a bed covered in a chenille bedspread with a huge peacock design on it that would leave an imprint on your face if you laid on it.
What's that on your face?  A rash?  No, it's chenille indentions.

I remember the gas space heaters they had that put out enough heat to launch the space shuttle, or at least singe the hair on your arms if you got too close and Grandpa saying "if you're cold, you can turn it up".  No, I'm good!

And during all of these memories, the clock was there, ticking away and chiming every 30 minutes.  Sure it doesn't keep perfect time, and sure you have to wind it once a week...but there is something so comforting about hearing those chimes and hearing the "tick-tock" in a quiet's so peaceful...and it brings back such happy memories of a simpler it will be in a new place, doing the same thing, and creating new happy memories.


Annie's Granny said...

Your clock is gorgeous! Such a perfect spot for it, too. I've noticed that with so many of your belongings, they all find a perfect place. Do you think the little farm was meant to be?

We now have a silent clock. Our grandfather's clock (not terribly old, a gift from my parents about 35 years ago) stopped when Mr. Granny moved it a couple of weeks ago. I TOLD him to wait and let me hold the weights and pendulum, but he never listens :-( He had everything bouncing around in there...I'm surprised it didn't break out the glass. Now it won't run, and it will cost $135 just for a service call!

Frugal Living UK said...

I have a clock with memories too. Sadly, mine stopped working after the move and I need to take it to a clock menders when I find one. It has a most delicate chime.
I have had terrible difficulty posting on here recently, not sure why and I don't always know if it posted or not. Anyway, if I am repeating myself then sorry, but:
I have been asked to nominate someone for a 'versatile blogger award' and I have chosen you because I really enjoy your blog so much and you are sort of doing the same as me (on a somewhat larger scale.) You can find out more about it here:

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

That is a lovely story! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful familial keepsake with even more wonderful memories! The clock is beautiful!

Shannan Deshazer said...

Oh my goodness - my grandparents had two of the same clocks! One was in the den and one in the kitchen and yes, I remember the chimes and clicking of the hands as it moved. I loved reading about your memories. Maybe because both of my grandparents are now deceased and thememories are sweet and lovely.

1st Man said...

Wow, how cool is that?? This particular one hung on the wall in the kitchen. I forgot to mention that after they had passed and we were closing up their house, when I took that clock off the wall for my parents, the paint color was faded in an outline around it! Thanks for your kind words. :-)

1st Man said...

Thanks! It does have some great memories attached to it. We hope to add to those out there in the country. Sure it doesn't keep perfect time, and sometimes it chimes 3 times at 4pm instead of 4. But we love it nonetheless!

1st Man said...

You are the BEST! Read my thanks to you. I'm totally appreciative and you made my day. Thank you!

Hang your clock where you want it, and just wait until you can get it fixed. Then you can decorate around it and if anyone asks, just say you forgot to wind it! ;-)

1st Man said...

You know, that's so true, i never thought about that. it's almost like many of the things we had, when we bought them, or inherited them, or stored them away because we just couldn't get rid of them, have a perfect home out there. It's the little farmhouse that could, ha. Maybe it was all waiting for just this time. Cool to think huh?

Sorry about your mishap. Hope you didn't get too mad at Mr. Granny. It's genetic...we're guys. We do dumb stuff like that at time, ha.

Tony said...

I have the same clock, I recently bought the clock at auction and I love it. I would like to know what company produced it and how old it is. If anyone here knows the answer please e-mail me at Thanks.

1st Man said...

You and me both! Ha. I love the clock (and the memories with it) but I'd love to know what it is and it's history as well.