Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yesterday was a great day!

We started by going to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to see the King Tut exhibit.  It was amazing (crowded though, as it was apparently a school field trip day!) but it was still great.  The artifacts are just astounding.  It's hard to wrap your head around the fact that they are thousands of years old.  Sadly, but understandably, they don't allow photography of any kind. So, it's all just images committed to memory.  But they were beautiful images I won't soon forget.  This was about the only picture I could take and it's not even real, LOL!  But it still looks cool!  Would one of these be overkill at the entrance to the farm?

After the museum, we had lunch and then we wandered down to a part of town called "The Village".  That's where our favorite furniture STORE is and we roamed around in there for a bit.  Luckily, didn't buy anything, THIS time!

After Nadeau, we went into another fun store called Ten Thousand Villages.  It features handmade, fair trade items from all over the world.  While there, I saw this great wall hanging that I wanted to get but it was sold (someone just hadn't picked it up yet). I did the next best thing, took a picture!  Love the words on it:

The Earth Says Much to Those Who Listen
Then we stopped into a new store in the area.  Do any of you watch THIS SHOW?

We love it, it's a refreshing reality show, one with a regular, happy, grounded couple.  Imagine that on network television!?  It is filmed here in Houston and it's always fun to see local landmarks and places we visit as well.  Anyway, they recently opened a pet store, Rocky and Maggie's (named for their two puppies) and so we stopped in today.  We picked up a few cat treats and got to visit with Bill Klein and Judy Arnold (his mother-in-law) and they couldn't have been nicer.  Their store is wonderful, nicely stocked and they are doing some great things with eco-friendly pet products.  We would highly recommend that anyone who is in the area, stop in and visit.  We wish them all the best on their business venture!  We will definitely be back soon (side note, our cats loved the treats we bought).

Then we headed home...where I was given my birthday surprise.
I'll give you a hint...

Yep, 2nd Man has already set up an account with John Deere and put a down payment on hold!!!  There is a store/authorized dealer just down the road from the farm.  Not sure when he slipped away and did it, but he did.  We are going this weekend to finalize everything.  Not sure which model we will end up with but I've spent the last few hours looking at the catalog he brought home and I think we've narrowed it down to two different models.  We'll have to do a test drive (or would that be a test mow?) this weekend.  I can't wait.

Thank you all for your kind words and comments yesterday.  It meant a lot!


  1. Oh my gosh, i'm so jealous of your day, sounds like fun. And i am in love with the little couple, they seem so genuine and nice. I would love to meet them. You are lucky.

    1. Bradley, first, thanks for stopping by! Yes it was a fun day (of course back to work today, ha). Bill (one half of the little couple) was just SO nice and polite and Judy (his mother in law, Jennifer's mom) was great too. It was very refreshing and it's just nice to see them in person. Their store is very nice and we wish them well! Anyone in the Houston area, please go by and support them if you can.

  2. I never thought of test mows, but it makes perfect sense. How else are you going to know how suitable it would really be?

    I don't know if a member of the Egyptian Pantheon guarding the entrance to the farm would quite fit stylistically. It would be mega-cool though. It would be even cooler if you could animate one using wind power and use it as a scare-crow. It would probably be a bear to keep working though.

    Glad you enjoyed your birthday!!!

    1. Ha, that as a giant scarecrow would be hilarious! Of course, the neighbors, as remote as they might be, might think we're some sort of cult or something, lol. Thanks for the wishes!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday! Happy belated 17th anniversary of your 30th Birthday!!

    Can't wait to see what mower you are getting!!

    1. 17th anniversary of my 30th! I LOVE that. So it is written, so it shall be! :-)

  4. Hey FM--It looks like you had a wonderful birthday (and so you should!) I love that show! How cool is it they are in your backyard so to speak.

    We have a JD lawn tractor going on 12 yrs now. Very reliable. But then again there was never a question of getting anything else, seeing as how all of our "farming" relatives were JD people.

    I am sure the exhibit was amazing. Love the sign from TTV.

    1. Thanks Tonya! Yep, they are usually all over the city filming. Have only seen them actually filming once, but every episode we sit there going "oh, that's such and such! oh that's where we were last week!" stuff like that, ha. Now with their store, we're going to have to stop in and support them. We'll always choose the mom and pop business over the chains when we can.

      Glad to hear some (more) good comments about a Deere. It seems like a cult, in a good way, ha, and everyone seems to love them. Have had several friends and coworkers say the same. I guess what they say is true, "nothing runs like a Deere"?? ha.

      And yes, Tut was awesome. It wasn't the exhibit that has the huge, iconic gold mask, but they had many beautiful things.

      Thanks again!

  5. Oh, my...I saw that picture and though maybe it was you! Then it would be "Two Little Men and a Farm", LOL!

    Glad your day was fun filled, and........WOOT! Nothing runs like a Deere!

    1. Ha, too funny! Yes, it was fun. And glad to hear another positive Deere comment!!


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