Saturday, March 10, 2012


I rearranged the baskets when I was out at the farm.  I think they look better this way, thanks to all of you for your suggestions.  I didn't realize that the two smallest ones are actually different sizes, slightly anyway, but I think this is a better arrangement.  Thanks again!

So we've added some "hidden storage" (always great in a small house), and now we get to decide what to put in them...decisions decisions...


  1. Everybody needs a sewing kit, with needles, thread, buttons, etc., for those emergency repairs. Seldom used CDs and DVDs. Photographs that you just didn't have time to get into albums. Index cards for filing receipts and/or warranty info you want to keep. You could always toss your bills into one, where they can be easily forgotten, LOL!

    1. those are all great ideas! Thanks!! I love the idea of warranty info, and maybe instruction manuals for appliances that are there and stuff like that. Thanks Granny, you are awesome!!


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