Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Curtain rod is up in the kitchen
Spent the rainy days this past weekend putting up all of the curtain rods.  We opted for these simple "cafe style" rods that are expandable to a range of sizes.  They are simple, retro looking, inexpensive and easy to put up.

I should back up, yes they are easy to install, in the end, after you've made all the right measurements.  First you have to make sure that they are level.  Then  when you have several next to each other on a row of windows, as in the dining room below for example, they must all be at the same height so that it looks uniform.  It's a lot of time on a ladder with a tape measure and arms above your head so needless to say, my shoulders were sore the last couple of days.

We chose a brown metal color, I believe it's called "oil rubbed bronze", and used them on all of the windows.  This keeps a uniform look throughout the house.  We have 15 windows that I put them on. There are two more smaller windows, above the kitchen sink and in the bathroom, we'll do something different on those.  Next step, find the right curtains!

Curtain rods in the dining room


kymber said...

the curtain rods look great and really match the style of the house - love them!!!

your friend,

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

ORB--my fave! Good choice! Can't wait to see the curtains. You are certainly making good progress.

Texan said...

Love the oil lamps! Can I ask where you got those? Really neat.

What type curtains are you looking for? Valances? Panels? I am guessing valances with the oil lamps on the walls :O)

1st Man said...

Thank you! We wanted something simple, easy and that could be consistent throughout the house. I think we did that, at least I hope we did!

1st Man said...

It's slow but steady, ha. Thanks for the kind words!

1st Man said...

Thanks, of course you can ask! Here is the original post about them with a direct link within the original posting.

They are from Lehman's. They aren't top of the line quality by any means, but they are affordable and do the job, so I like them.

Curtains will be just simple, white cotton, in varying lengths depending on the room. We'll have to think about that one with the lamps, ha.

Texan said...

Thanks, I went to the site you got them at. I saw several things there I liked! Now I am looking around thinking ok where can I put some these oil lamps!