Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here is the start of our future burn pile.  Don't worry about those tree limbs that appear to be over the pile, it's a trick of perspective by the camera angle.  The pile is actually in a large open space.  It's some of the tree debris from the trimming that was done last weekend.

We had a small one HERE a few months ago (way back when it was cold, ha), but it was pretty small.

We do not, however, want something like this:
Not OUR burn pile
If it can be seen from space, I think that's just a bit too big, LOL!
It will most likely be Fall, when the weather is cooler and the days are shorter, when we burn it.  I just have to make sure I don't add so much to it that it doesn't become something akin to a bonfire that's two stories tall.  If it looks like it might be getting too big to burn, I have no problem with burning it early, even if it's not truly "cold" outside. 

Anyone else in the country do a "burn pile"?  Any tips or suggestions, other than a water hose nearby?


  1. Here we keep all branches dried and use them in winter for firplace to warm up home.

  2. My neighbors up at the top of our lane create a burn pile every year. I don't recall if they burned it last year but its usually a neighborhood gathering when they do. They keep a hose close by.

    Another question for you. I've switched to Google Chrome as my internet browser but am realizing that there is no ad block with it. Am noticing on your blog there are lots of ads. Why is that?

  3. There were three burn piles on our property when we first started visiting. One of the first things my husband & Dad did was burn them. They were all pretty large and it was kind of scary as the fire(s) kept trying to spread away from the pile. Not water nearby to help put it out but my Dad used his tractor w/a mower attached to put out the escapees.

    And yes, we've started another one that we plan on burning this fall/winter.

  4. My dad has a burn pile, I think you can call the county and ask them if it's safe to burn. Most areas have restrictions and you can be fined if you're caught burning during a no-burning time.

    Keep it far from overhead branches, keep it attended, keep a hose nearby. And to be sure it's not seen from space, start the fire on one edge of your pile and slowly feed the rest of the pile toward the fire as it slows down. It can get out of control easily if you build a big pile and set fire to the whole thing at once.

    Make sure not to put any poison oak or ivy in the pile too! And bring marshmallows.

  5. a couple of suggestions....first - get an old oil drum and do your burning in it - that's what people around here do. next - if you are going to be burning without an oil drum...first dig a large space about 2-3ft deep...line around it with rocks - i recommend sand or gravel be put in it but if you don't access just line the outside circle with large rocks. always have a hose handy but if your hose doesn't stretch that far then have several buckets of water on the ready. if you want to know how to extend hoses - send jambaloney an email and he can tell you what you need and what you need to do.

    your friend,

  6. Do I need to send the making for s'mores?

    My Grandma burned almost every week - but it was done in an old oil drum. Your pile is way to big for that. Just be safe. :D

  7. We have ours located on a stoned area, not grass. Growing up we had the oil drum.....that way you can keep up with it on a regular basis.
    Obviously on calm, windless days.


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