Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Rain, rain and more rain.  It has rained every day now for almost two weeks. 

At the farm the other day, I spotted these "rays of sunshine" that popped up in the field near the front of the property and so I braved the squishy, saturated  ground to snap a picture.  It's amazing what pops up just in the middle of nothing.  One week just dirt and a few sprigs of green, and the next week, this.



Flowergirl said...

I would really love some of your rain ! We've got a dreadful heatwave going on here in Canada.

I love your blog and your pretty flowers !

Cheers - Flowergirl :))

SkippyMom said...

We are on our second [third? fourth?] epic heat wave. With an occasional flood thrown in - but we have happily managed to keep our garden going. We found watermelons today! So exciting. :D [We were on vacation - little suckers grew while we were gone].

I will take you flowers any day. Thanks for braving the squishy to share with us.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

We too without rain but do I begrudge you yours? You bet I do ! :)
Still. love your photos. keep em coming

Annnightflyer said...

Dude I'm over here in Abilene send some of the rain our way!