Thursday, December 19, 2013


 Tulips cutting garden, image courtesy of
I like the idea of devoting some raised beds to bulbs.  I have scattered some around the property, but It would be nice to have some directly sown into one spot so that they come back and give some special flowers for decorating with.

Not sure I would do all tulips though, it would be nice to have some variety.  Of course I would guess that for most of the year they would just be beds of dirt?  Not sure how exciting that would be, ha.  But this sure looks good!

We're almost to the weekend, hope you are having a good week.

Be inspired! 


  1. i feel the same way. once they are done blooming, then what. i planted hundreds of daffoldils throughout my woods and i enjoy see them while they bloom and when they die, everything just goes back to woods.

  2. The trick is to layer your bulbs so as one variety dies back another is coming in bloom. If planned properly you can have blooms from early Spring through Fall

  3. Once your Spring bulbs have finished flowering, just put bedding plants in all that bare soil - instant colour all through the summer. Then winter-flowering pansies will take you through the next bare patch season. ;)
    Happy Gardening - with lots of colour & enjoyment. xx

  4. Your bulbs look lovely. We are in our dead period here. The bed are all asleep till next spring.


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