Tuesday, December 31, 2013


OK, after yesterday's creepy snake posting, let's get back to something fun, like food!  LOL!  It's that time of year again, bargain turkeys!
We got some more great turkeys on sale since it was after the holidays and they were fresh, about 14 lbs a piece, and best of all, only $5.00 each!
So we bought three.

First we get out our handy dandy trusty beer can turkey roaster.
Yes, there IS such a thing, but apparently not for long, as they've been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

We don't use any beer or other liquid for them though.  For these turkeys, we just rub them down with olive oil and then some of our house blend (or is that farm blend?) of seasonings all over that.  We then put it and the giblets and neck on a foil lined baking sheet.

We remove all but one rack from the oven and then roast them on that bottom rack, standing up just like this, for about 50 minutes to one hour, or until done.  They come out beautifully golden and browned all over and best of all, they are so very moist.

After it's cooled, we pull off the meat off the bones.  We also discard the skin, though some of which might actually have been eaten during the process.  I'll never tell.  
This is the meat from one turkey.

We vacuum seal them in portions of 1 1/2 pounds each as we've found that's a nice amount for all sorts of turkey dishes.  We save the roasted neck and giblets for gravy at some future point as well.

Now of course, we just had to go ahead and use one of the packages.  2nd Man whipped up a pie crust, filled it with turkey, veggies, herbs and some "cream of" soup and then voila...
Homemade turkey pot pie
...turkey pot pie.  Yum.
This lasted several, a few, a couple, a little over a day.


  1. a recipe please for you turkey pie

  2. that is a good looking pot pie! happy new year!

  3. Wow that turkey pot pie looks delicious.

  4. That really does look delicious. Haven't made a pie like that for ages - must add it back in to the rotaton this winter. My brother got a similar great bargain on a giant ham for a fiver. Sadly, I haven't seen anything like that here.

  5. I grabbed a good turkey on sale for 68-cents a pound, which was slightly more than you paid but a great buy! I just wish I'd had room in the freezer for a couple more! Heck, I pay more for the chicken I cook for the dogs. I'm quite sure they would be just as happy with a turkey! Does 2nd. Man make a low calorie version of that pot pie? LOL

  6. My turkey and ham pie lasted me a good long while. Happy New Year.

  7. What a great deal for fresh turkey and it looks delicious. We stock up on turkeys while they are on sale for the holidays as well. Right not we have three in our chest freezer down stairs and I will be pulling one out to begin thawing soon. I usually simmer the bones and make a big batch of turkey stock and freeze it too for soups later in the winter. Happy New Year to you and 2nd Man!

  8. 1st Man,

    When there's a deal on turkey's or ham, I try to pick up a few for the freezer.
    Have you considered canning your cooked turkey? I recently learned how to do chicken in a canning jar and it turned out magnificent. This year, I plan on canning more meats for future use.

    Happy New Year 1st and 2nd Men :-)

  9. The looks sooooo good! Can you post the recipe with measurements please?

  10. Hey! I have one of those beercan thingy's! I really need to cook more meals ahead this year.
    Happy New Year! Be safe and stay warm. LindaP

  11. Looks delicious. Lucky you to find fresh turkeys at such a great price. I hope you used the bones to make broth/stock for later use with the turkey. Happy New Year.


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