Sunday, December 29, 2013


Don't Shiver Order Coal Now, vintage poster, image courtesy of US War Archive
OK, I'm guessing this poster was put out in Summer or early Fall.
Still, a very cute method of reminding people to get their coal early instead of waiting until the middle of Winter.

Makes me wonder, do they still use coal today in any home heating systems?  Or is it just fuel oil and/or wood?

Stay warm if you are somewhere cold!

Another post later today!

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Heather Rose-Chase said...

Wow! We live in Shanghai, China, and part of the reason we are currently having such terrible pollution is the government-provided coal which massive number (millions and millions) of local people use to heat their homes in northern China/Beijing area. It's really a horrible thing to use, putting out lots of micro particles in the air which we breathe in. I'm originally from Los Angeles, and remember the terrible smog and pollution which plagued the city in the 70's. China has at least 20 years to go before clean air can be a reality. Here's hoping!