Thursday, February 20, 2014


Flowers around the fence, image courtesy of
Now that we have the fence around the garden, once I get the rest of the garden up and running, I'd like to do something like this.  I saw this picture a couple of years ago and saved it.  Now we have a fence to do this with!

While we love the stone border, I'm not sure how practical that would be right now.  We'd need lots of stones and they would have to come from some outside source because there is nowhere on the property that has stones like that.

Perhaps someday, but in the near term, I think I'd like to put some flowers like this around the fence, annuals such as marigolds (which grow like crazy here) some roses and a few perennials scattered amongst them. 

Be inspired!


  1. That's what my dream garden looks like. I have always wanted flowers surrounding the veggies. It's so pretty. Lots of perinials. I can just imagine your garden looking like this soon. It's feeling like spring here. We let the fire go out and have open windows! Soon I will be out in the gardens again!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm grabbing this photo for my own inspiration folder!

  3. Wow! LOVE IT!!!! I pinned it! Thanks for sharing! You might put an ad on Craigs list and see if you can score some free rocks!

  4. Lovely, but I'd hate to have to trim the grass around all those stones! I would, however, love to have a flower border around my veggie garden. Mr. Granny won't give me any more of his lawn :-(

  5. Beautiful garden! It is neat and tidy.

  6. The first thought that entered my head on seeing that beautiful picture was WOW which was quickly followed by regret and envy that we could never have such a beautiful open garden. Too many critters with eager mouths and hungry bellies. You might want to add nasturtiums to your garden, the flowers are pretty and you can eat the leaves and flowers. They add a lovely peppery flavour to salads not to mention a sprinkling of bright colour.

  7. 1st Man - How about also planting up a bunch of sweet peas? The bees love them (= good for your veggies) the smell is divine, and they will cover and cling to your fence. Perhaps layer the base of the plants with ornamental cabbages, parsely or other low growing herbs thus making a minature forest garden outside your veggie patch?


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