Sunday, February 9, 2014


Delicious Dishes Rabbit, vintage poster image courtesy of Imperial War Museum
A few weeks ago, I posted an image of a WWII poster that showed what to feed rabbits.  I guess there was a theme going on at the time, raise your own rabbits to help with feeding people at home (which in turn helped the war effort).  This poster gave all sorts of "delicious" options.  Rabbit Pie, Fricassee of Rabbit, Curried Rabbit, Roasted Rabbit, Rabbit Stew, and two we've never heard of Jugged Rabbit and Rabbit Brawn.

Phew, I feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump!

I can honestly say we've never eaten rabbit.  I'd be wiling to try it but I'm pretty sure 2nd Man wouldn't even try it, ha.

This weekend has been unproductive (related to the garden).  There was some stuff done but for the most part, I wasn't able to do outside what I wanted to do in the garden.  So next weekend, weather permitting, I'll have to bust my behind to get back ahead of the game.

Hope your weekend is going better!


  1. Rabbit is great for a dinner. I haved made it with a creamy French mustard sauce.

  2. Not sure what jugged rabbit is but brawn is what you call head-cheese in America. I'd imagine you'd need quite a few rabbits to get any enough to fill a pot though.

  3. I should actually add that head-cheese might not be what you really call it in America these days but it's definitely what it was called in the Little House books :)

  4. How about dead-and-buried-in-the-backyard-pet-rabbit? *Sniff*

    We used to eat, and enjoy, rabbit. Then we adopted Cookie, who lived as our pet for 10 years. Now I couldn't even think about eating rabbit, it would be akin to consuming a pet cat!

  5. Our neighbors raised rabbits to butcher and we ate them often. Quite good just fried as you would chicken.
    I think it is still called head-cheese here in America.

  6. We use to have rabbit when i was young as it was a really cheap meal but its not so cheap now. Of course we could eat the many running around on the property but I don't think I could bring myself to pull the trigger or skin and gut it.


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