Friday, May 16, 2014


Raining outside
This was the scene out one of the front windows at the farm recently when it was raining, as you can maybe tell in this photo.  So we stayed inside, on the couch and just watched it rain.  I think we might have even dozed off for a bit.

Sometimes we need a day (or two or three) like that huh?

This weekend however, it is going to be beautiful, so it will be some zen machine time, checking on and tending to the garden and adding some new friends to the raised beds.  More on that this weekend.

Hope your weekend is off to an early start!


kymber said...

oh buddy - you know that we have rainy days nailed! they are days for lazing around, making lists of things to do on good days, playing cards, reading, napping, watching a few good movies and basically doing nothing of any importance except eating tons of good food and just enjoying the rainy day. i always have to tell jambaloney that there will be a ton of days to work in the yard and garden for 12 hours...but rainy days are special. and so romantic!

much love to you and 2nd Man! your friend,

Texan said...

Love a rainy day! Or three :O)

1st Man said...

Truer words were never spoke sweet Kymber!! Love it. Especially eating tons of food, LOL! There always way more sunny days than rainy ones huh? Big hugs and love to you!!!

1st Man said...

The 'or three' is always good huh? Especially these last few dry years ha.

Sue said...

Nobody appreciates a rainy day more than me, but since we've had 14 out of 16 days this month with rain, I'm gonna have to say--blech-LOL!
I'm sure it's very welcome to you folks in Texas, though. Enjoy!

Margaret said...

I'm with Sue - we have had almost of week of rain & cool weather so I'm craving some good ol' sunshine & warmth. Now, if this was 2 years ago during our hot, rainless summer, I would be "Singing in the Rain" - literally.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, 1st Man - I LOVE rainy days, especially here in dry ol' Texas. Do y'all have a tin roof on your porch? I love that sound!
My garden really took off after our last wonderful rain - I'm off to the garden to pick squash, green beans, tomatoes, etc.
Hope you all have a wonderful day at your farm!!

Texas Rose

Practical Parsimony said...

When It rains, rain comes inside my house, so I am no fan of rain. Besides, rain makes me lethargic and since there is no one here, I want a nap. I rarely take a nap when it rains, but the urge is there.

Kelly said...

Miss you much. Spent time on my lawn this morning. Sadly, my zen machine is not green. :( Rainy days are great days for baking too.