Monday, November 3, 2014


This post will have to be quick, got in from the farm late in the day yesterday and had dinner and crashed.  Didn't get a longer post up so I thought I'd hit some of the highlights.

Got to the farm and the house was cold inside.  But that's fine, it was gorgeous and perfect weather.  The plus side is there was no evidence of 'creature activity' in the house.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  Zero.  No droppings, no chewed things, etc.  The traps were all clear, the beds were good and the couches were clear (we take the pillows and cushions off every time to check for mouse activity).  We've removed the large trap and we've got our fingers crossed.  So with that off the list this weekend, it was time for other things.

There were sugar pumpkins (pie pumpkins) that were dealt with...

While mowing on the Zen Machine, snake skin was discovered (OUTside, thankfully) but no actual snake was spotted (not sure if that's good or bad).  This skin was almost as big around as my wrist.  Not sure I care to SEE the actual snake that shed it, that would not be a very 'zen' moment, but hey, every day on the mower is a good day...

Speaking of the zen machine, it got a good washing after mowing.  Now it's sparkly clean like a new car.  It was put up and covered for what will probably be its last mission until the Spring grass returns again...

There was more...the garden got worked on, plants got planted, trees came down (on purpose) new trails were made, things were cleaned, cows visited, a horse came to visit as well as dogs, cats, 2nd Family, cardinals and other birds...everyone and everything stopped by.  It was just a good weekend. 

When I started working on a post last night, I realized that the time change here in the US had thrown me off.  We set our clocks back an hour.  I'm glad we gained back the hour but now I'm all screwed up on my internal clock.

More in upcoming posts...

What did you do exciting this weekend?


  1. That was a weekend and a half.

  2. Wow - you were busy! You got a LOT done - your check list must be full of check marks!
    Could that snake skin be from a “chicken snake” (actually, a Texas Rat Snake)? They can get pretty big around. If so, you’ll have an ally against the varmits that were invading your house.
    My Dad had one in his farm barn for years - he just let it live there to keep the mice/rats down.

    My garden got weeded and I planted some more carrots. Picked some lettuce from the garden and had a nice salad.
    I need to do something with all the peppers in my garden. You inspired me to get a dehydrator, so I’m going to try that.

    1. Yes, we believe it was a "rat snake". 2nd Family says they are pretty common out there and I definitely know they are non venomous and they do take care of the rat/mouse population. Of course, still seeing a snake, any snake, freaks me out a bit, ha.

      It was a great weekend for yard work in these parts huh? Sounds like you got some stuff done too. Big rains coming tomorrow, so they say.

  3. Gotta love productive weekends! A suggestion for Texas Rose, a neighbour of ours freezes his peppers (are we talking capsicum here not chilli peppers?) He blanches them in his microwave in a little bit of water for 1 minute then drains them and puts them in ziplock bags. They fry them up for breakfast with herbs and garlic then add eggs for a pepper omelette. It is very delicious.

    1. Fiona, the 1-minute blanch-and-freeze sounds easy and simple - putting that on my list for this week. I have all kinds of peppers that somehow survived the summer - capsicum (bell peppers), banana peppers (no heat), mild-heat peppers, and jalapeno.
      Your breakfast recipe sounds delicious - I'm going to try it.

    2. Wow, that's a brilliant idea for peppers. I will try that next season. We had so many jalapeños this year some of them did go to waste. And just like Texas Rose said, an omelet like that sounds yummy!

  4. 1st Man,

    Looks like it was a great weekend to get many things accomplished.
    Sleep well Zen Machine............until next spring :-)

    1. Yes, we got a lot done, I'm still trying to sort through pics to put together some interesting posts. It might be reported on over a couple of weeks, ha. We are expecting a lot of rain tomorrow, it just might get the grass growing one more time. Zen Machine might have to be awakened, ha.

  5. My weekend was spent with a broken water line to the house. Not fun!

    1. Dang, that sucks. Sorry. I hate stuff like that....


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