Sunday, November 23, 2014


Rags for Salvage, image courtesy of UK Historical Archives
Salvaging rags....WWII Europe, there was a a huge conservation push to save things that could be used in the War effort and this one was reminding people to keep even rags, or worn out clothing, so that they could be reused.

They were used to make bandages for the wounded, and were also turned into blankets for soldiers.  

Love the graphics on this poster, they are so colorful and vibrant.

Hope you are having a good weekend.  After yesterday's storms, today is a sunny and clear (and probably up to almost 80, go figure).  2nd Man is staying in town, sick of course, but I'm off to the farm to take some things out there, and check things out.  Also hoping to gather some persimmons, unless they've all been washed off the tree after the rains.  We'll see!  More later this afternoon!  Tonight is leftover chicken soup...yum!


  1. How were rags re-used? Collecting medal and planting a garden makes sense to me, but rags?


    1. I have updated the post to reflect that correction, I totally left that out. I googled it and they were sterilized and used for bandages and also cut up and made into blankets. :-)

  2. Hope y'all are both on the mend! And I would be interested to know what the rags were used for as well

    1. I'm pretty much recovered, and 2nd Man is a bit further behind, he's current in bed asleep. Thank you for asking! I updated the post, just completely forgot to explain. Bandages and blankets! :-)

  3. This poster makes me smile - looks like the Invisible Man escaped!

    Wasn’t it a gorgeous day?! I spent all afternoon outside.
    Hope you had a good day at the Farm and that the persimmons were still there. And hope that 2nd Man’s chicken soup is helping him recover.

    1. It made me smile too! Invisible Man, I never thought about that but it's true, ha. For some reason, in my head I thought of a scarecrow, ha.

      Yes, got tot he farm, spent some time in the beautiful weather doing a few things but mostly just relaxed on the porch. Nature's best medicine! Thanks!!


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