Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hmm...what is this?
(other than a good use of some of our random bricks, LOL)

Because of whatever this is, I will be away from the computer all day today and possibly Friday.  Taking a couple days off work to be at the farm.

Red Barn, image courtesy of
 Until I return, and since today is Inspiration Thursday after all, here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.  

Red Barn, image courtesy of
Aren't red barns and out buildings so cool looking?  
Just so traditionally American farm looking.  

P.S.  We'll post the book giveaway winner tomorrow!

Be inspired!


Practical Parsimony said...

Two bricks and a little red marker flag? Did it bite you or did you fall over whatever you are marking?

Delores said...

Gorgeous red barn and tractor.

Texas Rose said...

Love the red barns!

Two red bricks - the beginning of your own red farm building?

Colleen said...

flag and 2 bricks; might be some sort of company marker to mark underground lines.
Love that gorgeous FarmAll tractor. Lovely photos of the red barns as well.

Kirk Dale said...

I am inspired!
To me, those red barns are very 'American'. I like them. Are you possibly going to be building something similar for yourselves?
Bye for now,

Jacquelineand.... said...

Good luck with 'whatever it is'. I grew up (mostly) in the hay loft of a red barn, throwing myself down onto a big stack of hay.
I swear I'd have been 2" taller if it hadn't been for that!

Colleen said...

The bricks and flag I bet is a marked area for your outdoor fire pit

Sandy said...

1st Man,

I've always loved red barns myself. Yes, they're very American!!!
You're building a nice patio, sitting area right?

1st Man said...

LOL! You made me laugh, ha. Nah, we're good. And of course now you probably saw the end result.

1st Man said...

It is a pretty barn and the tractor just makes it look so perfect.

1st Man said...


1st Man said...

Love the photos, they did inspire us for sure.

1st Man said...

Hello Krik! Nice to 'see' you again! Hope you'll check out the updated posts today and/or the one that will go up Monday (it will have links to the other two posts).

1st Man said...

I love that story, thanks for sharing! Hay lofts are fun, my Grandparents had one and I enjoyed jumping from there on occasion.

1st Man said...

Great guess because we are actually marking off an area for that.

1st Man said...

Thanks!! nope, no patio, though I wish we could have one sooner rather than later. But anyway, hopefully you've checked in today or just check in with tomorrow (Monday) morning's post and you can get the updates and links to today's posts.