Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Thought I should have a post up and give everyone an update.  We are well, the storms that hit Texas the other day were North of us, thank you all for your concern.  It was a messy couple of days but now it's cold and "feels" like Winter.  

We now have full high speed Internet up and running, so that's good (and good for blogging).  I will try to catch up on comments but it might be better for us now to just say thank you all SO much for the well wishes and advice and great thoughts during this whole process.  I'll also need to spend this weekend catching up on blogs.  I feel like I've missed a whole week of everything.  I was off work for five and a half days total and it feels like two.  It just FLEW by.

I'll post more on the actual move later but here we are, finally at the apartment and surrounded by boxes.  Believe it or not, we have already gone through about ten boxes and emptied them...this is the last of it..

well, a few more...

And a couple of happy, peaceful, sleeping kitties...

Life is indeed good...


  1. Good to hear you were nowhere near the heart goes out to Texas. What a year you've had.

  2. glad to hear the storms missed you. and glad to hear that someone is having some winter. i have yet another day with all my windows open and i noticed that my grass needs to be cut. sigh!

  3. The kitties now know they are home. Glad you missed the storms.

  4. wow, that was a nasty storm,, good thing it missed you!
    The sleeping kitties look right at home already!

  5. Getting ready to put the aircon on as today is going to be 37C.
    Glad you are settled now.
    Happy New Year to you both!

  6. 1st Man,

    It's nice to hear the storms weren't near you and y'all are getting settled in nicely. Take care, stay warm :-)

  7. Glad you are safe. Wouldn't it be blissful to be able to relax as well as a cat?

  8. This weather is crazy isn't it! I will admit we had a plan lol we had our bike helmets handy. We planned to put them on and get in a closet which is in the center of our house, us and Keeper and a load of pillows... ya got kinda scary lol... But as it turned out we seemed to be in the sweet spot and only had some branches off some trees fall! Whew... I always say to honeyman when there are tornadoes dropping from the sky.. ummm there are not storm cellars all over Texas, why? lol Glad you guys made it through ok as well!

  9. I don't know if you believe in this stuff, and of course it could just be a reflection of something but that looks like an orb in that second photo. Cool. someone just might be coming to visit -becca

  10. Looks like y’all and both of your kitties have settled into your new home very well.
    And winter has indeed arrived. Damp and chilly weather always inspires me to make soup, so I made some cauliflower-cheese soup with fixings from my garden this afternoon.

  11. Nice to hear that everyone is safe and sound from the severe storms that has gone through.
    Some were not so lucky; and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost their homes and loved ones. Total of 12 tornadoes had touched down so they say. Had few scary moments here.
    Just a matter of time and all them boxes will be unpacked. Don't look at how many boxes you have left to do, but look at much you have accomplished and then it won't seem so overwhelming.
    To each and everyone of you; My New Years wish for all; love, health and happiness from our home to yours....
    I pray that the New Year brings us peace,
    happiness and lots of true friendships.
    May God send you His special blessings this
    upcoming New Year and that you all
    have a very special year come 2016

  12. Happy New year old bean , hoping 2016 will be a cracker xxxxxxx

  13. All good news then, the weather can be a crazy thing. Here's wishing all good things for you both for the coming year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  14. Happy New Year and it looks like you are making great success with the boxes.

  15. When the kitties are comfy, you know you're home.

  16. As long as the cats aren't worried, all is well! we used to have a cat that worried every time we got boxes out. He suffered two long distance moves and one short one and hated every bit of it.


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