Saturday, April 2, 2016


Got a lot done today, mostly mowing and edging and some more clearing... 

After I mowed, I went to the porch to work on the frames for the replacement hive...

...and I dozed off in the rocking chair.  I took this picture when I woke up.  More tomorrow!

Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. The mowing looks great - and naps are excellent. I wish someone would put me down for one every day...

  2. 1st Man,

    It was a beautiful day today!!! I didn't get the mowing done but did get all kinds of seed planting done. Sitting on a rocker in the shade to relax will cause you to doze off. Imagine placing a hammock outside!!!

  3. The yard looks so nice - it was such a beautiful day to be outside.
    And what could be better than an impromptu nap in a rocking chair on the porch after all that hard work?!

  4. We had crazy high winds today, then the temps nosedived and it snowed! I like your day much better!

  5. Being my dear hubby had to work yesterday; our mowing will be today of which it really needs it.
    Your area really looks nice. A good area to hit a few golf balls around.

    Napping is divine. Take every opportunity you can to sneak one in. Me; I'm just resting my eyes when it comes to that. :}

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

  6. it looks amazing,, and best part for me,, NO SNOW!!! We are still covered in snow,, no gardening or yard work going on here,

  7. Sunny, but cold and windy. Not too much outdoor action up north. Love your porch view.

  8. It was a beautiful day here, perfect for working in the yard, but I was at a 90th Birthday Surprise Party! Happy Birthday Uncle Bob!


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