Sunday, April 3, 2016


It was a good weekend, as compared to last weekend's drama.  We were goat free, headache free and now, at least one black widow spider free.  Yes, I had to take care of that.  There was a HUGE egg sac now and I had visions of the garden being overrun with deadly spiders.  We know there are more out there that we can't see, and I hated to do it but it just couldn't be in the same place we will be on a regular basis.  We wouldn't leave a copperhead or water moccasin living next to a raised bed and so the black widow couldn't stay either. 

Hive wax foundations with frames
So yesterday, in between mowing, edging, clearing some new space, and a nap on the porch, I got the wax foundations into the frames...

Hive with frames
And then got the frames in the supers and put it all back together.  It's ready for the new bees that come next weekend! 

Raised beds ready for planting
I added a few bags of compost and soil to some of the raised beds to get them ready.  Not going to try to plant all the beds now (that would be something we'd have to be there full time for).  So this first season back after last season's continual rains postponed our garden, we think we are going to plant in four of them, three are 4x4's and one is an 8x4. 

To top off the day, there were ladybugs everywhere at the farm.  They were in the house (I captured them and released them outside) and they were on leaves and plants all over as I mowed.  Captured the picture of this one on the box while I was putting the wax foundations into the frames.

Next weekend will be bees and garden only.  I shouldn't have to mow so I can focus on getting the bees hived and getting the garden planted.

Fingers crossed!  

Back in town now to do some stuff here, 2nd Man asked me to make the slow cooker bbq ribs again so they are cooking as this posts!

Hmm, aren't ladybugs considered good luck?


  1. Ladybugs are great for your garden. Lucky you. I need to make your slow cooker ribs. That goes on my to do list!

    1. Thank you! The ribs are wonderful (even the second time, ha)

  2. Yup. Ladybugs are lucky. And soooo helpful in the garden.

  3. I think they are lucky too,, unlike spiders,, they are very unlucky,, at least if they come in my house,,, very unlucky indeed, lol,,
    poor things,,,lol,,

  4. I need to read backwards to see what happened last weekend :-) Good for you for the bees, I'm too chicken (I think).

    1. It was just one of those weekends where everything seemed to go wrong, ha. Thank you!!!

  5. Great picture. I love how you captured the markings. Kinda cute in an insect sort of way.

    1. IN an insect sort of way, ha. So true. Thanks!

  6. Some ladybugs are good for your garden, other are not. We have a ladybug that is call 26-28 spot ladybug. These bugs and their larvae will eat your plants to nothing in no time. They are orange with lots of spots. Check it out for more information if your interested

  7. You were as busy as your bees this weekend! You have everything in tip-top shape for your soon-to-arrive new bees - they should be very happy in their new home next weekend.
    I’m glad that you had a bunch of ladybugs around the farm - you needed some better luck after last weekend! Great picture of Miss Ladybug!
    It was an absolutely gorgeous day today - the sun was shining, it was warm but not hot, the birds were singing, the bees were buzzing, and the butterflies were fluttering. I worked in my yard and garden all afternoon - bliss!

  8. This is a picture of a Wolf Spider carrying her babies. If you happen to run into one of these little treasures in your gardens or yard, please do not harm them. They eat all kinds of bad bugs that get into your plants. Yes, they look scary, but they are very good natural bug catchers.

    This is a Garden Spider..which once again is scary looking to some people (I think they are gorgeous myself, but they are good for your garden also. If you have never seen one they tend to build quite large webs strung up in the wrong places. We had one right in our doorway to get in and out, but with a little jarring of the web, she soon tired of this and moved.

    We have lived in North Carolina for about 20 years now and have only seen one black widow (which a neighbor did a mercy killing on), but with all other spiders I have been blessed with a fearless Grandson who thinks nothing of picking them up and depositing them outdoors.

    We have not seen any Lady Bugs yet, but have been swamped with Monarch Butterflies. They have been coming to our big bay window and popping against it, making this noise like a type writer.

  9. I think lady bugs are lucky and cute! We made a new raised bed this year. Yesterday, the dirt in it was so dry that we didn't plant. We just watered the dirt!

  10. 1st Man,

    My husband and I will be at your house soon for some ribs :-)
    I can smell them cooking all the way up there.

    Congrats on getting your new hives ready for your bee's. Your garden boxes look great, all set for seeds and seedlings.

  11. I don't think that is a lady bug. There are these beetles that look like lady bugs but are really orange not read. They are Asian beetles. Google them.


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