Sunday, April 17, 2016


Everyone in Houston just got this alert today.  We are going to have some really heavy storms and they are about to start.  Check the picture further down in this post.  It's the estimated rainfall totals by Tue night.

The National Weather Service and Harris County Flood Control District say that the Houston area can expect to see an increased threat from severe thunderstorms over the next few days.  Main threats from this system will likely be: 

- Flash Flooding - Roadway Flooding - Damaging Winds - Hail 

While a majority of the area can expect to see 4-8 inches of rain over the next few days - depending on how storms line up - some areas may receive in excess of 10 inches, which has the potential for Flash Flooding and will likely cause high water on area roadways.   Actions you need to take...  The city of Houston is advising residents to make preparations now for the impact of this severe weather system.  This should include:  

- Ensuring you have enough food, water and supplies for the next few days 
- Have flashlights, batteries, etc. in the event of power outages 
- Begin monitoring conditions with local media, the Harris County Flood Warning System ( and the National Weather Service   If heavy rainfall begins and roadways begin to flood, residents are advised to avoid travel whenever possible and wait for conditions to improve. Remember, it only takes a few inches of water to float most vehicles, and rain makes it difficult to see the depth of water in area roadways. If you come upon an area of high water, Remember - Turn Around, Don't Drown


I got as much done at the farm yesterday as I could, some good things, but alas, some bad things...more on all that later!


  1. wow! and we are as dry as a bone and had 85 degrees here today.

  2. I'm in N Central TX and we got 2" since about 2am, lots of thunder, lost electricity for about 6 hours. More of the same expected for the next 4 days. I'm guessing it is what you will be getting as it passes from here.

  3. And it's all coming right through here. I got caught in a flash flood in 1977, 9 months pregnant, on Braeswood or is it Bissonnet nearer the med center? Its been too long ago. I'm sick of the rain.

  4. I hope everything survives at the farm. :(

  5. Sigh. Some world-wide weather moderation would be nice. I hope the bad things were smaller than the good.

  6. 1st Man and 2nd Man - we have you in our thoughts and prayers. but my one question is - do you have gutters installed with downspouts to a rainbarrel. it is rain storms like these that can fill 2 rainbarrels easily and then you can water your garden from the rainbarrels. just a suggestion.

    sending much love to both of you. stay safe. your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  7. my gosh, thats a storm! I hope it misses you!

  8. I'm south of you and y'all are getting much more rain than I am. Keep safe!

  9. Be safe and know we are thinking of you.

  10. You sure have been getting the rains after having several years of drought. What gives?

  11. 1st Man,

    Stay safe, and dry!!! Were getting all kinds of that rain as well. Flood warnings here too.

  12. Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management, where I work, said they had 16 inches of rain and was declared a disaster by the Judge there. Lots of flooding. My street was flooded quite high for a while but we stayed in and dry. Hope you are doing the same!


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