Wednesday, November 23, 2016


OK, so I know it's not Wildflower Wednesday like WAY back in April (could that really be over six months ago?) but I couldn't resist...

Texas Spring Wildflowers
...sharing another one in this cold weather.  No flowers like this  blooming now but it's a good time to see some and be reminded of the Spring to come.  

The longer weekend (for us here in the states anyway) is about to start.  We're doing our own in house Thanksgiving, photos will come later.  2nd Man is off today but I'm still not feeling 100% so we may just have a quiet holiday all by ourselves.  He will start the prep work and we can eat ourselves into oblivion tomorrow.  Happy Days!


  1. Enjoy your day and hope you get to feeling better.
    Wishing Everyone a Very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving
    "I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage." - Erma Bombeck

  2. "Eating ourselves into oblivion" is a wonderful thing once a year or maybe twice (Christmas). I won't eat so much the first time, but I will hit the leftovers often.

  3. The leftovers are the best. Nothing prettier in the world than the bluebonnets in Texas. Hope you are better soon and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. happy holiday; spouse and I are having japanese food tomorrow.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and 2nd man. I have had a cold since the beginning of November. Caught it from the granddaughter while in NH. Thought I had it licked but then it came back as a chest cold with a nagging cough. I brought it home and now it's been almost 3.5 weeks of this. I haven't had a cold in years so this is misery for me. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and 2nd man. Have you ever thought about elderberry extract? You can make your own or buy Sambucol at the store. Helps shore the immune system and works against bacterial & viral infections. Awesome stuff! Sambucol gets a bit expensive and making your own is fun but give either a whirl and see if it helps! Happy Turkey day!

  7. 1st and 2nd Man,
    Happy Thanksgiving! Love the picture, wish we could relive spring again right now :-)


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