Monday, December 26, 2016


Since some of you asked for it, just like we did for Thanksgiving dinner, here is our Christmas dinner in a series of pictures...

I was in charge of snacks again, so I made a plate of Colby Jack cheese and salami slices with pita crisps...

These are called "King's Nut Mix" and are sold at a grocery store here. I LOVE them, they are coated peanuts and rice cracker type crunchies, ha, so yummy...  

Of course we needed some potato chips...

I made this appetizer and it's super simple.  
Just take some cubed feta cheese, a few sun dried tomatoes, herbs and toss it all in olive oil.  It's delicious...

Cashews, 'cause, well, we love cashews...

2nd Man made two pans of homemade yeast rolls...

And a lasagna dish full of macaroni and cheese.  
Of course, this was when it was on the stove being prepared, it was baked in the oven after it was all mixed up...

Pan sautéed broccolini in butter and garlic...

And of course we decided on Ham as we usually do for Christmas Day dinner.  It always comes with glaze but 2nd Man is not a big fan of glazed ham.  He says the meat is always delicious and sweet enough without it, the glaze overpowers the taste of the ham.  

This was a honey cured ham from H-E-B (Texas grocery store chain) and it was indeed delicious...

Then it was time to put it all together on a plate.
It was the perfect Christmas Day dinner...

Of course, he also made a pie.  
An apple pie...

Apple pie a la mode
And what's apple pie without a little ice cream?  This is Bluebell homemade vanilla.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. 

Today we are both off work and so it's off to the farm (it rained most of the day yesterday) to check on things.  The water is still turned off from the hard freeze last weekend so we haven't decided if we'll turn it back on yet (cold weather coming again possibly next weekend) or just leave it off for a bit.  

I'll catch up on comments after the long holiday weekend.

Hope you all have full tummies, 
happy hearts, 
and lots of good memories...


  1. Everything looks delicious. The "King Nuts" look yummy. I have a niece that lives in Texas and I'm going to ask her to look for them for me. I love finding new snack foods.

    Glad you and 2nd man had a great Christmas.

  2. Everything looks Delicious.
    I'm with 2ndman; I don't like a glazed ham either. Takes away from the goodness of the ham.
    Gotta have the recipe for that Mac and Cheese dish tho.......Please.
    Thankfully I didn't have to do any Christmas cooking as our oldest daughter had invited us out there and she takes after me when it comes to putting on a Big feast. :} There where 5 of us but she had enough food for another 20-25 people but her and I made up a couple plates full (enough for them to eat for a couple of days)and took to elderly couple who lives across the road from them.

  3. I' love to try 2nd man's rolls and mac & cheese. I see someone has asked for the recipe for that...

  4. How ever did you survive on such meagre rations...
    It all looks good. And I am glad that you enjoyed it.

  5. What I wouldn't do for a little cold and a drop of rain right now!!

    Your Christmas eats look wonderful........and now I feel like Mac and Cheese.

  6. Lots of yummy food. I hope you had others there to help eat it.

  7. It looks wonderful so I guess I am getting over the gluttony of too much rich food for Christmas eve. I was miserable and really didn't eat that much. I guess getting older, we can't eat like we used to. I was thinking I'm never eating again, but your spread looks good, so I guess I'm over it. BTW - it is 70 here today after the deep freeze last week, and I have been planting bulbs today. Not finished, but spread coffee grounds from Starbucks over the planted ones in hopes that the squirrels won't eat them.

  8. It does look fantastic! I am with EC and wondering how you managed to survive on so little (Like I am one to talk; there was enough here for at least 15 people and we only had 7)

  9. Your food looks amazing. Some of my kids don't like ham, I made turkey. We had amazing food yesterday.

  10. Y'all know how to put on a spread, that's impressive. I'll expect an invitation next year, ha!

  11. Everything looks sooo delicious! Those rolls - mmmmm - giving me some serious carb craves!

  12. Love this!!! Heavy on the carbs, Baby ;) This Kings Nut Mix is interesting. I've never seen it before. Interesting what regional foods are out there.

  13. 1st Man,

    Very delicious looking meal including the snacks!

  14. We had our dinner on Christmas Eve. I made a ham in my crockpot and it was soooo good! We had sides of homemade mac-cheese, baked beans, corn bread muffins and veggie mix of broccoli/ cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I made a platter of deviled eggs and a loaf of pumpkin bread. Plus there were the tins of homemade goodies (christmas crack candy, butterscotch pecan fudge and chocolate cherry cookie bars)

    Christmas day was brunch at my mother-in-laws. I made a breakfast casserole and buttermilk biscuits. We also had goetta and sausage gravy. I am ready to live on nutrition drinks for a while.


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