Monday, December 19, 2016


Got to the farm Saturday and it was SO windy.  We've never seen winds so strong out there (when it wasn't during a bad storm of course).  We had gusts to was like walking in a wind tunnel.  It was also cloudy and misty raining, humid and the temp was 79 degrees.  The official high in Houston got to 80, which broke the record.  

Everything at the farm is looking more like Winter.  Desolate and whatever leaves are left are blowing off.  Soon it will be all brown.  

"R" from 2nd Family came up and helped us with the house water.  We turned off the main valve, opened all the faucets and let them drain out.  Then he brought his air compressor and put the hose in the outside faucet and blew air through the pipes.  It was pretty amazing, with he water shut off, and all the taps drained to where nothing was coming out and you'd "think" it was empty, however enough water came out with the air that it was like the faucets turned on high.  That's how pipes freeze even when water is turned off and you think it's all drained out.  Water expands as it freezes and any left in the pipes will freeze and split the pipe. There was still a lot in there but NOW we can be certain that it's empty. We also left the taps open just in case.

We were worried about the pipes because of the wind, our windchill is in the low 20's and with the house raised like it is (pier and beam) all that cold air is blowing around the pipes under the house.  

Of course, now I need to get an air compressor for our own use so I don't have to ask him to help every time we need it.  That way, we can turn it on and off as we are out there, in case we have a spell of warm weather and need the water turned back on again. 

Jalapeno Poppers
A nice snack to warm the insides...the recipe here:


Flannel Shirts
On the way back Saturday, I stopped and picked up a couple of flannel, long sleeve shirts for the farm.  I realized a couple of weekends ago when it was cold out there, we didn't have flannel shirts for wearing around in the cold.  We have coats but it was that temperature where you didn't need a big coat but you needed more than a regular shirt.  So I snagged a couple 100% cotton flannel shirts for $8 each at Walmart and then ordered a couple more online.  

Now we'll both be warm when outside doing stuff and even warm in the house where there is no heat.  When we sleep out there, we do have flannel sheets which are wonderful, and an electric blanket.  Of course all those do is make you not want to get up in the cold mornings, ha!

Brisbane decided to photo bomb my flannel shirt picture.  
Is that flash too bright Brisbane?  LOL.  
I think he was looking for a place to sleep but the flash made him run off.  

Sleeping Kitties
But never fear, he found his warm bed (and blanket) about 10 minutes later, on the couch across from Hobart who was already doing the same in the other bed (see top of picture).

Now the cold is here, it's been at or below freezing for two days now with wind chills in the upper teens and low 20's.  It's our coldest temps since sometime in 2015.  Definitely cold for us anyway.  

Stay Warm!


Gail said...

The things we tend to take for granted...We have to wrap our pipes where they come out of the spring and into the well house. Also have one outdoor faucet that is not freeze proof. We were five degrees at six am. Too cold, too early.

When you are at the farm full time you can block under the floor and not have to worry about this.

Your sheds look so nice.

Vkl said...

Giant 'Flying Owl' cloud sculpture in that first pic! :)
We got down to 14 degrees here. Had to haul out the plant quilts for some inground cacti and the bay tree.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Do y'all not go to the farm during the winter?

Your cold reached us yesterday. I am ok with it, but I don't have to work outside. I feel so sorry for everyone who does.

Janie V said...

That cat is adorable!!!

anne marie in philly said...

all y'all stay warm (2 foot and 4 foot creatures)!

donna baker said...

Glad to know about the water thing. It has been blowing and snowing and wind chills below 0. The lake out back is frozen over. I hate winter. Glad the temps are better there.

Texas Rose said...

Snoopy Brisbane just had to put his seal of approval on your new flannel shirts! I love the pictures of your kitties - all snuggled in their warm beds.
My garden still has some jalapenos - so I have the main ingredient for those poppers - mmm.
I made a big pot of taco soup today - really good for these cold days.
Stay warm!

1st Man said...

Five degrees? Wow. Stay warm and safe!! Thanks, yep, when we have the house redone on the outside, we'll probably do some sort of blocking.

1st Man said...

I see it! Love that, didn't notice till you said it, ha. I forgot about our bay tree, dang it. It's on the porch, against the wall out of the wind. Hope it's ok.

1st Man said...

We do, but of course our Winters are usually mild, so the cold is not a problem. But every couple of years, we have a hard cold winter and for now, when that happens, we won't be out there as there is no major heat (space heaters but that's it). But we do go when it's coolish/slightly cold, love the mornings when it's kinda cold but not bad, ha.

1st Man said...

Thank you! I'll let him know, ha .

1st Man said...

Thanks!!! We are trying, ha. Good snuggle weather (with 2 AND four footed, ha)

1st Man said...

We'll know for sure this weekend but we did it two years ago during a freeze and it was awesome. The year before that we just drained it but didn't blow it out and we had a split pipe. Fingers crossed this time.

1st Man said...

Snoopy Brisbane, ha, I like that. They spent ALL day Sunday sleeping in their beds. Must be nice, ha.

Taco soup sounds yummy!!!!

Colleen said...

Love flannel shirts; especially like that top, bright red and black as it matches my throw blanket at which time is being used as a covering for my dining table. Hey, throw blankets aren't just for covering up with. :}