Thursday, May 2, 2019


Every Thursday we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm. Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and someday, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

Split rail fence with flowers, image via Dave's Garden
2nd Man and I have always been drawn to split rail fences, especially when they have plantings around them.  Recently, we've been thinking about what we'll do when we get something done with the house.  Then we thought about this; we could section off a portion of the yard with a design like this.

With a wide open yard like we have, there is no delineation of where to park or what exactly is the "front yard" or the "side yard", etc.  We'd kind of like the idea of having areas sort of segmented.  Not crazy little square areas (that would make mowing a pain, and that wouldn't be zen, ha) but just maybe along the side of the front yard so we (and others) don't just park randomly in front of the house, maybe create an area with a fire pit, etc.

Be inspired!


  1. That looks super cute and super easy! Love it! Annster's Domain

  2. This would be a beautiful way to define an area.

  3. Lovely. You always find the perfect solution.

  4. Gorgeous.
    How pretty this would be on both sides of your drive way or even just placed on each corner of your drive as you are coming in your driveway along with a big Welcome sign.

    1. Even a corner display up by your house and as people are leaving you can have a sign that says 'Goodbye' or 'Thanks For Coming.'

  5. This is lovely, I've been contemplating something like this for my front yard. But I must disagree with calling it a 'split rail' fence, it's not like any split rail fence I've ever seen. It's just a wood fence, no? My husband used to split rails for people when he was a kid, many years ago. Split rails are rough and stacked in a zig-zag pattern. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Installing and building a split rail fence.


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