Monday, December 9, 2019


So…2nd Man had a toothache at Thanksgiving.  We tried everything.  3 Advil.  4 Advil.  Aleve (that helped).  Still, he said it was the worst pain he’s had.  It was a holiday weekend so he wanted to get through it until he could get to the dentist.  
The pain was unbearable.  In fact, Thursday night/Friday morning, he said he felt like he might need to go to the ER or Urgent Care.  I did some checking online (others had asked the same question) and the general consensus was that they don’t give strong pain meds, they just give you Extra Strength Tylenol or Advil and tell you to go to the dentist as soon as you can (and charge you $$$).  
2nd Man said he had to do something, the pain was a 10.  So on those same forums where I was reading about people wanting to go to the ER, people would say “so I found a miracle treatment...”

It was this:

It’s basically a packaged version of clove oil.  So at 3am on Friday morning after Thanksgiving, I was driving around trying to find a place open that had it.   It was our only hope.  Walgreens were closed.  Only two CVS’s were open and they didn't have it.  Then I remembered Walmart.  It was 3am but it was like a Saturday with people shopping for Black Friday deals.  I bypassed the flat screen TVs and found it.

Got home, he put it on and I kid you not, in 5 minutes he said the pain went from 10+ to 1.  Now the only problem I had was reminding him to do it periodically, even if there was zero pain.  After doing some research, I found that clove oil has all sorts of antibiotic properties, anti-inflammatory, and can actually help eliminate an infection.  Once he started using it every few hours, the pain has now gone completely.  Many people said after using it for a few days their tooth/nerve got better.  Now he still has to see the dentist of course at some point soon but for now, it’s letting him go back to a normal life (and letting me get a full night of sleep as well). 

Red Cross Toothache Medication Drops 
(Amazon link but also available at Walmart)

I guess it goes to show that nature sometimes knows better.  This has really gotten us interested in medicinal herbs and their use.  I know essential oils are a big thing now as well and this is basically clove oil that has saved the day.  What else lies out there that we need to learn about?

I’ve always told 2nd Man that when we plant stuff, we should plant things that are beneficial, not just for cooking but for other uses.  I need to look up some medicinal garden designs and ideas.  I know a lot of medicinal herbs are perennials so I can’t just stick them anywhere, need to make a plan.  Start simple with the basics and move forward from there.


  1. I know what 2nd man was going through as I have been there but the only thing I had handy was ice packs.
    Glad he's doing better.
    Thank You for the heads up on the tooth medications. Sounds like great stuff. Something I will get and have handy just in case.
    Enjoy your week

  2. Thanks so much for posting about this med. I am elderly and have suffered often from terrible toothache attacks that seem to always occur on a Friday evening, thus facing a weekend without dentist intervention...I am ordering this today to keep in my medicine cabinet!! At least next time I'll have something to get me through until getting a dentist appointment!

  3. My Dental Surgeon used oil of cloves dressings on mw following an extraction - it is good stuff!

  4. I'm so glad that 2nd Man is feeling better and that you found the clove oil to help him. Toothaches are so painful. Our school nurse always kept clove oil in her office for the little kids who had toothaches. It always worked.

  5. I read something today that said hydrogen peroxide is also good for a toothache. Hope he was able to get it fixed.

  6. I had talked to people before that used clove oil. I am facing an extraction soon and will get this for after-pain. Honey and sugar have healing/antibiotic properties, not together like I made it sound, but separately. Hydrogen peroxide kills tissue. Be careful with it.

  7. I was so impressed with the reviews of this stuff that I have ordered it thru Amazon Prime. Thanks for the information. Hope that tooth does better

  8. I'm sorry that 2nd man had to suffer for you to be able to share that information with us, but I'm glad to know that it exists.


  9. I was thinking the exact same thing Jamie said before I opened the comments section! So glad to hear 2nd man is feeling so much better, and how sweet of you to share with us. We keep Anbesol in our 1st aid cabinet because it helps when my hubby has dental pain. I'm going to get this to keep on hand. I love the thought of using clove oil.


  10. A magical medicinal herb garden is on my to-do list for 2020

  11. Our WalMart close to us doesn't carry it so Hubby stopped @ store #2 on his way home from work and they had it there. :}
    We have found that store #2 carries items that store #1 does not


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