Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Nicholas became a hurricane before making landfall just South of us about 1am this morning...

Lots of rain and some flooding to the South of us.  The good news is there was almost NO rain at the farm!  Houston metro did not have any major flooding either, all the bayous and streams stayed in their banks.

There were strong winds however, here in downtown we had gusts over 65mph.

As a result, there are some trees downed, I took this picture near the building, streetlights are out, and there is some debris (mostly tree limbs) on the roads.

Unfortunately, there are also WIDESPREAD power outages all across Houston...

...this is the power outage map of the Houston metro area.  There are about 500,000 people without power right now and they are saying this could be a multi-day event.  We only have sporadic internet here at the apartment but at least we have power.

For the most part, we were lucky.


  1. Dear Two Men, Not good news, though it could be much worse. I really feel for those left without power but not much I can do about that from a distance. Glad the farm seems to have been exempt from the onslaught. Roderick

  2. Since the track shifted and the storm came in to the east of me, I was on the “clean” side. I got just .7 of rain. The wind was pretty strong and I have lots of oak leaves scattered everywhere but thankfully no downed branches. Also didn’t lose power. I feel for those without electricity and no air conditioning.
    I’m glad the Farm didn’t get flooding and that y’all are ok in the city.


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