Wednesday, September 1, 2021


Saw this at the farm when the grass was tall. I was walking to the mower shed and I saw these.  At first, I thought "hmm, that's weird..."

It almost looked like where a hose had been laying but this is the front yard and no hose there...

Then I saw another one nearby that was another kind of s-shape.  Again, I was thinking of what it could be...maybe rainwater runoff?  That would be weird though to be so narrow...

Then it hit me, SNAKE TRACKS!  They looked exactly like where a snake would slither through the tall grass or stop to warm up in the sun.  Because the grass was so high, it displaced it just like our footprints do.  It gave me goosebumps but I kept an eye out and went on to the shed.  I figured once I was on the mower, that would scare them off.  

Never saw one the entire time but all I could think was "there is one somewhere here...watching me from a distance..."

We keep a machete hanging in the mudroom next to the broom and mop.  Hey, don't judge, LOL.  I'll make sure to carry that with me in any long grassy areas.

The flashlight would be good at night, but let's be honest, there is no way I'd be roaming around in tall grass in the middle of the night.



  1. Many many years ago I ran over an 8 foot long chicken snake with the riding mower. It was an accident. Did the snake no good,did the mower no good either. Yes,I threw up

  2. I have never seen snake tracks except in dirt. Take a long stick to swish in the grass in front of you and snakes will run away. Taking the machete is a good choice, too.

  3. Yikes!! That’s a scary sight! It’s amazing how quickly nature starts taking over.

  4. We have had 3 enormous (5ft to 6ft) chicken snakes in our chicken and duck houses this year. Each time they had my chicken eggs inside them. The last one was just last week. A few months back my husband got on the tractor to mow and as he started it up a black snake slithered out of the engine area and onto his boots!!! He flung it off and ran over it and about had a heart attack. Three days ago my son found a coral snake under his club house. I love Texas but that's enough to make me want to move to Alaska.

  5. We have a few highways that look very much like the snake's path.

    The blade on that machete is Not near long enough for me. I need something that has a very long handle, like a hoe handle and a very loooooooooooooooong blade.


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